Katherine Heigl Laverne Cox

CBS has cancelled the legal drama TV series Doubt starring transgender actor Laverne Cox in a groundbreaking primetime role after just 2 episodes.

The 32-year-old Alabama native, who was born Roderick Laverne Cox, played a fiercely competitive corporate attorney alongside actress Katherine Heigl in the midseason TV drama.

“I’m an avid TV watcher and, growing up, I did not see people like me on television,” said Cox at the Television Critics Association summer press junket last year.

Cox, who suffers from the mental disorder Gender Dysphoria, added, “It’s wonderful to get to play a character like that. And to be a black transgender woman in that position on CBS feels really special.”

Heigl, 38, said acting alongside a transsexual actor was “terrifying, stressful and scary”. She returned to broadcast TV after acting in the short-lived NBC drama State of Affairs.

“I’m trying to stay focused on how fun it’s been. I’m just really excited for people to see this,” she said at the press junket.

Unfortunately, CBS Viewers tuned out in droves after satisfying their curiosity when the series debuted earlier this month.

CBS announced the TV drama was pulled from the broadcast schedule on Friday. It isn’t clear if the remaining 11 episodes will air. Doubt was the first casualty of the 2017 broadcast season, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Doubt premiered to weak ratings that dipped even lower after the 2nd episode aired.

One viewer predicted the series would “flop” after CBS seemed to jump on the Gay Agenda bandwagon.

A TVline.com reader with the username “Realwoman” commented:

“People won’t watch bad acting and that’s what I saw when I watched part of the first episode. I actually got a good nap in trying to watch it. Most of the show I watch regularly are CBS shows but this one won’t be one of them. I’ll find something better to watch. But hey, if that’s your standard, go ahead.”

Doubt was replaced by a rerun of the CBS drama Bull in the Wednesday night 10 pm EST time slot.

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