Frank Ocean

The public is getting a little more insight into the dysfunctional family dynamics of musician Frank Ocean, who is openly gay.

In legal papers obtained by gossip tabloid TMZ, the rapper’s father Calvin Cooksey claims his son defamed him in a Tumblr post last year.

In the post written after the singer came out as gay, Ocean accused his father of using a homophobic slur when he was a boy, writing: “I was 6 years old when I heard my dad call our transgender waitress a f**got as he dragged me out of a neighborhood diner saying we wouldn’t be served because she was dirty.”

In court documents, Ocean’s father insists the incident never happened and he has suffered financially and professionally as a result of the post.

He’s suing his son for $14.5 million in damages.

In other social media posts, Ocean called his father a “weak” man who abandoned him when he was only six years old.

Frank Ocean

Studies show children under the age of 7 are more likely to grow up to be homosexual if they fail to develop an emotional bond with one or both parents — particularly the same-sex parent.

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