James Comey

During a closed door meeting before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday, the FBI confirmed an investigation is ongoing into possible links between President Donald Trump’s administration and the Russians. Yawn

FBI Director James Comey publicly acknowledged that at least one member of Trump’s administration is under investigation for ties to the Russians.

According to Comey, the investigation into Trump’s ties to the Russians began back in July — before the November election — and while Comey was also investigating Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server.

Like most narcissists, Comey thrives on media attention.

Republican Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, admitted there is no evidence of a collusion between Trump and the Russians.

Nunes also denied reports that the Russians influenced the 2016 election in any way. Nunes commented that the Russians have always tried to influence the U.S. elections as long as Vladimir Putin has been president.

Despite the stunning lack of evidence of a collusion, the Democrats are going to any lengths to discredit President Trump.

This speculation will never end as long as Democrats are behaving like the sore losers that they are.

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