A South African soccer star committed an egregious error by thanking his wife and girlfriend on national television.

Free State Stars player Mohammed Anas was caught up in the moment after being named “Man of the Match” following a recent game.

During a TV interview, Anas gave a moving speech in which he thanked his wife and girlfriend before realizing his error and backtracking, “Firstly I appreciate my fans, and my wife and my girlfriend… Sorry to say, I mean my wife, my wife!”

The soccer star apologized profusely to his wife, “I’m so sorry, my wife. I love you so much. I love you so much from my heart.”

Anas began trending on Twitter.com as men all over the world shared his pain.

As you know, men are wired to sow their seeds indiscriminately — an evolutionary fact that today’s women have a difficult time comprehending.

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