Paul Ryan

President Trump may not want to sign off on Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement in its current form.

According to, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s American Healthcare Act carries even stiffer fines than former President Obama’s disastrous Affordable Care Act.

High income earners complained bitterly about Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty which was enforced by the IRS. The penalty cost one blogger $1,500 in fines for not having health insurance.

But Ryan’s proposal replaces Obama’s penalty with a 30 percent surcharge of their monthly premium for failing to carry health insurance over 63 days.

Unlike Obamacare, Ryan’s penalty is not tied to income, making the penalty costlier for the elderly and low-income Americans.

via Breitbart — Avalere Health reports that “a 50 year old individual at 100% of the federal poverty level ($11,880 in income for 2016) could pay over $1,000 more in penalties under AHCA for not having insurance in the prior year than what she would pay for not having insurance under the current law.

Trump supporters are expected to loudly voice their disapproval of Ryan’s plan at President Trump’s rally in Nashville, Tennessee next week.

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