President Trump

Despite subtle threats from President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan canceled tonight’s vote on repealing Obamacare. The vote is rescheduled for tomorrow.

Republicans urged Ryan to cancel the vote on Thursday because there weren’t enough yes votes to approve it.

Desperate to keep his promise to the American people to repeal Obamacare, President Trump threatened GOP members to get it passed or “seal your fate”.

Some Republicans fear that if the hobbled bill isn’t passed tomorrow it could affect the midterm elections and Trump’s chances for reelection in 2020.

GOP leaders couldn’t agree on Paul Ryan’s healthcare proposal, which includes repealing tax increases on the wealthy and increasing premiums for the elderly.

Lawmakers say they want to make sure healthcare costs and premiums go down. “We need to get this bill right,” said Congressman Paul Labrador in an interview with Fox News.

“We promised the American people that we’re gonna repeal Obamacare… we’re going to replace it with a good bill that actually brought healthcare costs down, and this bill doesn’t do that.”

Thursday was the 7th year anniversary of former President Obama’s signing of the Affordable Healthcare Act.