Remember when rapper Drake canceled his concert in the Netherlands 3 months ago without explanation? Well, he canceled two more shows in Amsterdam -- including Tuesday's show. His excuse this time was he ate bad sushi and became violently ill.

Rumors ran rampant that Drake got ahold of a bad batch of mustard weed, but his reps denied the rumors.

The concert was rescheduled for Wednesday, and Drake performed to a half empty arena.

A concert goer tweeted this, "Drake performing tonight for 11,000 fans instead of the full capacity of 17,000 .. Drake fans real mad."

  • Ms.Caramel

    I'm not a Drake fan anyway.

  • Django the God

    Kanye would've still came out, if he was high on bad batch.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Where is everyone

  • Chicagowise

    I think Drake should start doing gay p0rn. No group scenes. Keep it classy. ?

  • Omandesert

    Lmao. U silly

  • @yeuphonic

    11,000 out of 17,000 (full capacity) after canceling two shows? ? next!

  • Gee Rilestein

    why does his set look like kanyes? does he ever have an original idea?

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    Drake is straight GARBAGE! I hate that I'm now living in an era where faux rappers and singers get more respect then REAL , TRULY talented artist! Dude literally has a sweat shop full of writers that write music and produce beats for the him! How the hell can anyone in their right mind praise drake for being so talented when nothing that comes out of his corny mouth comes from his pen?! NOT A DAMN THING! The decade of the faux rapper needs to end now! I'm sick of it! Tired of turning on the radio and hearing garbage! Tired of the brain dead junkie drug addict mumble music. Since when is it cool to drink cough syrup, and take pain killers!? DA FUQ! Tired of these raggedy stank rude generation of kids too. Them along their ignorant parents that refuse to grow up have got to go!

  • Mel

    Well I mean most of his fans are kids they have ELA exams three days this week ain't no concert bih

  • Chrisian88

    Monday night was absolutely sold out. The only reason it was empty is because a lot of ticket holders couldnt make the reschedule. Stop the lies

  • Gotitbutsmh

    What kind of fake news is this? LOL

  • tintin

    All lies. Drake is still hot and new album is fire making him more hot.HE'S THE HOTTEST THING RIGHT NOW. STOP IT!

  • Lolalao

    It's going to be one empty Hall of Fame.

  • ShadesofEMPRESS

    I cannot understand the hype.

  • jazzysmith12


  • Tynamight

    Nobody wants to hear Drake?

  • jazmine

    This is actually not true lol

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Might have done that in the past .... may explain some things. ??

  • ebonics

    CHURCH!!! Tell em! This new generation is a disgrace to the hip hop culture as a whole. They have no idea what real hip hop is, and whats worse is they have no respect for GOOD/REAL hip hop. My lil cousins try to come in my house talking bout all these new lame artists, like I need to get on their level, yet they dont even appreciate or know about real artists from my generation. How you gonna claim to know hip hop/ or listen to good rap when you dont even know about Wu-tang albums, or Pete Rock and CL Smooth. You cant stan for Drake and Future and claim to love hip hop. Just back assward thinking.. People say im stuck in the 90s but id rather stay stuck here than "get with the times" and dumb myself down. Ill sit riiight here bumpin my Cormega by myself happily, thank you very much! ;)

  • Cecakes

    The truth is Drake can sell albums but he cannot sell out arenas on his own; that's why he uses femaie artists like Rihanna, Nicki and tried worming his way to use JLo.

  • Cecakes

    Album sales don't always translate to being able to sell out live audiences. It's a tough business. Thats why artists always pair up and fake relationships to sell out arenas .

  • Chicagowise

    I'm just trying to broaden his fan-base.

  • Chicagowise

    I'm just trying to broaden his fan-base.

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    You're not stuck in the 90's, you like myself recognize garbage when you hear it. Drake and Future are both old enough to have experienced hip hop in the 90's. So to see those two losers water down the genre for money is sicking! This is what I like to call the Soulja Boy effect , once we let that clown in all hell broke lose. Now we're letting little kids and white people dictate whats hip hop and whats not. GTFOH! I'm still trying to figure out how the hell I went from being 9 years old listening to Biggie, Tupac, The lox, Dmx, lil kim, Mary J, black street, etc to being in my late 20's subjected to this garbage.Even some of the corny artist back then were better then the trash that's out now. Music died sometime in the mid 2000's, I'm still in mourning. The industry is more invested in indoctrinating today's youth with bullish then putting out quality music.

  • Legendary Trolly

    He still dope, but to sell 200k is awful Cole did better numbers than that. Drake streamed more than he sold

  • tintin

    I stream. No point in buying hard copies

  • Legendary Trolly

    Thats what allot of people did