A fake nurse who fatally injected a woman's buttocks with a deadly combination of toxic substances will spend the next 10 years in prison.

Oneal Ron Morris, 36, smiled in a Broward County (Florida) courtroom after he was sentenced to a decade in prison on Monday.

Morris, who is a transsexual, plead guilty to manslaughter and injecting several women with an illegal mixture of Fix-a-flat tire sealant, mineral oil, commercial grade silicone, and Super Glue.

He shuffled into court in shackles, and wearing loose-fitting prison issue pants with what appeared to be towels stuffed down his back.

One of the women, Shatarka Nuby, 31, died after suffering in agony for hours. She died at Tallahassee's federal prison in 2012.

Nuby reportedly paid Morris $2,000 for the procedures between 2007 and 2010, according to CBS Miami.

Court documents show Nuby received as many as 10 injections in her buttocks.

Several of Morris' former clients confronted him in court on Monday.

“You gave us your word that the products you was using was A-1 products. And come to find out they were not,” said one victim named Kisha Jones. “Maybe in the beginning, but greed really took over, because you was pocketing the money from every victim."

  • hotntot95

    This thang is crazy as a junk yard dog,....
    I bet women jailers hate their jobs when it's time for the strip searching...?

  • Django the God

    I appreciate your natural hair. Let me see it. That’s what I’m f-ckin’ wit.”


  • SpiceGirl

    seeeee ya!

  • Tammie Reed

    That title "Toxic Tush" cackles! LOL!

  • NaeNay

    What are the towels for?
    To protect his butt from getting man-handled in prison?
    Does his a** hurts so he using the towels as cushions to sit?
    Did his implants go flat and he's using the towels as fake implants? Thinking ppl can't tell the difference?
    Maybe he sweats a lot and keeps a stash of towels in his pants to wipe himself down.
    I must be bored.

  • Tynamight

    Oneal Ron Morris, 36, smiled

  • Tynamight

    What prison will he go to: male or female?

  • Freeriah

    What's up with his face? And it does appear that it has something stuffed in its pants.

  • Nanny

    If you look closely it kind of has natural beauty. What it did was awful tho

  • KarmaBackAround

    Did the tranny put some of the shyt in his face cause he looks horrible, pure disgusting in the face ew!

  • Soon2BWife

    Who writes these stories? So many gaps, unanswered questions.

  • Thismessismessy

    Dag. Without the regulars there is nobody to say new post huh? Or yall who want mature coversation are lazy AF. One or another or both

  • Dr. P

    why does that diaper booty look wet?

  • Dr. P

    I looked real close....ain't no beauty in his face

  • Malcom Flex

    Some of those he-she's and gay men seriously hate black women.

  • RaginB

    That shit is disgusting.

  • KarmaBackAround

    look like that ass popped open and is leakin uncontrollably

  • KarmaBackAround

    u seem BIG mad about it lol ..i miss them too!

  • bemetoo

    I know it..I had a family member go to it, and she almost died..but I don't blame it I put blame on all the fat flat ass insecure women who seek cosmetic surgery from a chopped up dented up cut up alley rat tranny..

  • Kanyade

    With that padding, he must be having leakage issues or wound care going on.

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    "Fix-a-flat tire sealant, mineral oil, commercial grade silicone, and Super Glue" Ninja just threw everything but the bathroom sink in there didn't he!? Like this was chit he found in the junk drawer of the kitchen. smh

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    That's the face of mental illness, let alone a Dr. I would trust!

  • KarmaBackAround

    I'm telling you! that scary lookin mofo wouldn't give me a tattoo let alone shoot some shyt up my ass lol ijs!

  • Django the God

    He sucked real ass meat out of people's butts and put it in his face.

  • KarmaBackAround

    mofo was givin himself botox facial injections with the shyt too by the looks of his face lol

  • KarmaBackAround

    u jus MIGHT be right.. and fecies too cause that shyt look a hawwwtt mess up top lmao

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    I don't understand why someone would pay 2k for botch-work? Most plastic surgeons have financing options *a friend told me* why not put 2k down and move fwd from there on a payment plan. I feel bad a life was lost, there were def other options.

  • Psychic Lulu

    They really do

  • Mrs Mary

    this is andrew caldwell in the making

  • Dr. P
  • KarmaBackAround

    i don't want the shyt that bad to undergo surgery.. they have a newer procedure called "vacuuming" for the arse now.. looks way safer

  • mela.reign77

    I don't like being mean or anything but what in the fix a flat is going on with his/her rump? Did he/she partake in the injections himself? It also appears he applied a little to his/her face as well. My goodness this is all wrong. It's so crazy to me that back in the day having a big rump was frowned upon now everybody wants one. I wish I could donate some of mine because I really don't like having a big rump. Prayers for the victims..smh

  • https://twitter.com/Chicagowise Chicagowise

    I wouldn't let that science mishap inject cream into a Twinkie, let alone put its hands on me!

  • https://twitter.com/Chicagowise Chicagowise

    No, huntee. He looks like he needs to be slated.

    Can someone get Buffy on the phone?! ?

  • freelancepimp .

    Dude look like a Gumball Character.

  • Traci404

    Com on Ladies...
    "A-1 Products? "

    They are..for your car. Folks are this desperate for a big butt? Do Squats

  • AG

    Women need to be less concerned about impressing men....

  • dontgetblocked

    I don't...I really don't know where to start. I thought O'Neal was a woman. What happened to his face...his butt. Why was his victim in prison? Why are there towels in his butt? Why is he smiling? Why does it look like a patch of his hair is missing? Why was his victim in prison? Did she get butt shots with Fix a Flat and then commit a crime to pay for them? This whole story is confusing and disturbing.

  • 70114


  • Michelle1953

    Probably sprung a leak


    I was like that looks like a man.. who would let a crazy person imject them with a substance. He looks like he would inject with something deadly in a person.

  • Ms.Caramel

    It was frowned upon back in the day because we were the ones that mostly had big butts. Once JLO came on the scene with her big butt it was then a thing of beauty.
    Yeah, ok...smh.

  • Mrs.Meenie

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why you should love your body, if you feel that you need a little work done then see a real doctor

  • Justlooknout

    I hate my butt. I could run day and night
    Waist gets smaller, butt get magnified. Hubby loves it though. Its all natural...cornbread and collard greens

  • Justlooknout

    Mainy, Mainy Many new fonts where is Dubb and Carolina Blue?

  • Seek Truth Speak Truth


  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    They're gone with the rest of that clique. They weren't happy here.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Most of those trans people hate women. I don't know why they would let him inject them either.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    The confusion begins with the NY Post describing this mentally disturbed man as a woman. Men committing crimes as "women" skews the statistics to show an increase in violent crimes committed by biological women.

  • Justlooknout

    Thats too bad, I had some good laughs. KDub had been on this blog for at least 10 years. A decade, thats a loyal reader.

    In other news is the site experiencing issues? I had problems all day.

    Have a good evening.

  • the guest

    If I walked in anywhere from a doctors office to a restaurant and I saw that monster working there I'd walk right out. This man fake nurse must be a master con artist to get anyone to trust him. He is frightening looking.

  • World’s Moistest Jheri Curl

    anyone let that dude "work" on them didn't have the good sense to be alive. I call it suicide.

  • Thismessismessy

    Too bad to hear that

  • Buttercupdreamsmom

    I'm the same way.... Super thick...thicker than a DQ blizzard lmao but for the LIFE of me I can't slim down my thighs, hips and ass... I do cardio and weighs and NOTHING.. If anything it makes it bigger.... And I'm all natural but I get asked if my ? is fake becJsr I have small legs.. Ppl are so use to fake they Dont know real... But I said I want a thigh reductions

  • Blak

    Oneal will be serving his sentence with the rest of the men in prison. This is not a woman and his fake fat ass will get rammed into at least 3 times a day, 7 days a week so I'm sure he'll be happy with that. This is not a punishment for him, it's a treat

  • Stan4NoOne


  • lovelygamour

    He looks like he mentally snapped. Something happened to him. Its hard for a young blackman when he doesnt have a support system. Look at his picture- he is trying to smooze the judge. After all this!
    10 years seems about right. Cause after the 2nd fix a flat shot they had to have known a little something was wrong. They wanted the shape and didnt care. One woman- I think -got only one shot and it traveled to her lungs. Thats why he got the ten for manslaugjter.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    If you're older than 40, the problem could be hormonal (perimenopause or menopause). We gain weight as we age due to hormone problems. Insulin resistance can wreak havoc on our weight. I was overweight for years until I balanced my hormones, then the weight came right off. Ask your doctor to check your hormones and thyroid levels. Cut back on sweets and sugary beverages.

  • kekeb

    Upvote 1,000 times!!

  • Buttercupdreamsmom

    I'm about to be 30 in 3 weeks ??????..no sugar problem or thyroid problem... I just have big hips thighs and butt... Everyone who sees me work out always tells me they aren't going anywhere...I've always had them.. Down here in the south they call them "child bearing hips"

  • kekeb

    He look like TonI Braxton on the pic you posted. Wow

  • kekeb

    Deeeaaad!!!!! Dead. Dead. Dead

  • Pamela

    Seems like it. I too was experiencing problems up until a few minutes ago. For a second I thought Ms Rose had blocked me.

  • Justlooknout

    This you? Butter? MS. I only walked in his back?

  • Di Ana

    That's just sad. He's not all there and appears to not care.

  • tintin

    Why did the woman die in a jail???

    And does the he she serve his or her time in girl jail or boy jail


    i agree

  • Armymom20

    I have a friend that went to DR to get get butt injections. Ladies please stop altering your bodies. You are beautiful the way you are.

  • T3

    I don't know how anybody would trust him/her to do anything to them. I mean, look at how botched up he/she looks. Looking at him/her, what would make a person say, yeah I'm signing up for this.

  • Quitedeliteful

    That's what I wanna know. She died in agony in jail??!!? They probably sending this fool to the men's prison.

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Quitedeliteful

    Awww... Caroline Blue seemed nice....

  • Quitedeliteful

    I'm having issues also. I have to reload in order to get the latest posts.... and I still have trouble typing without getting stuck/frozen mid sentence...

  • Quitedeliteful

    Hey... Don't insult the Gumball Character!! LOLLOLLOL!!!

  • tintin

    oh man i just read up on the victim Shatarka Nuby, she was a piece of work, she was stealing ID to get all kind of procedures done. Been arrested multitude of times for fraud cause she wants body enhancements.

    May God rest her soul.

  • LibraGirlonly

    Come on now women. We can barely trust a real doctor and you trying to tell me you gonna put your trust in a fake dr. SMDH

  • Luvn_it

    Why would you let some one who look like that do any type of plastic surgery on you in the first place? People can't be that desperate not to mention cheap.

  • Darkchild

    Im sorry as soon as I saw it I would have turned back around, saved up my coins and went to a certified surgeon. Im still trying to figure out what I am looking at.

  • hottlanta

    I bet that body is scary naked. If that azz look that bad with clothes on I can imagine the horror when they are taken off. They just put a lady in jail in the ATL for the same thing. You would think by now we would know better. I don't do backyard when it comes to my body.

  • itsjismemelly

    he is smiling because he is livin like a well sort after queen in jail. they probably fightin over him and everything because of his big ole botched up booty. he will be well taken care of. SMHHHHH

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    I would have to question his credentials. Ain't no way I would have let him put a needle anywhere near me?

  • ShWa

    omg I can't!

  • Olga Summer

    This is just disgusting!

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    Look never pay for a cheap surgery...never! Save your coins and get the surgery.

  • Wayup!

    Exactly at this point he's so messed up body-wise only place they can put them in a women's prison

  • KIm

    Please explain to me what that thing is smiling in the courtroom. Probably have a nightmare tonight.

  • Hater

    Ridiculous and disgusting!

  • Jeanine McNeal

    ? that's nasty ?

  • MercifulLove

    low self esteem and desperation

  • i troll it like i see it

    Don't feel sorry for these victims, they should have hit the smith machine, did some squats.

  • Shira Harding-James


  • Shira Harding-James

    Not looking like that

  • Shira Harding-James

    That's beautiful!

  • Sacha

    I"ll be glad when this fake big butt craze dies. Hit the gym, not some back alley?

  • Gotitbutsmh

    Umm, just where did all these injections take place? I don't imagine you were in a doctors office. Sorry, can't feel your pain.

  • BlackGirls EatGreen

    I hope this fool never twerks in prison. Two good wobbles of those granite cakes could break through the bars, gates, and prison walls. I am so mad at that whole picture. And to quote my Gran, "How does he clean it?"

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    They should have paid a real doctor instead of trying to get a surgery they couldn't afford. Adults this day and age has stopped being accountable for their own poor decisions look at HIM damnit I would allow him to touch me with a ten foot pole and they allowed him to perform a procedure on them with no medical license and in some run down motel!!! Seriously look at him!!! Smh

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    Those be the ones that will ask a real doctor where he went to school google to see if he had had any malpractice suits or bbb complaints but will go to somebody like this and not think twice

  • http://www.teesandcases.com/ Rick [Tees and Cases]

    You ever put your head down in shame for someone else mofo foolishness?

    I just did...

  • Joy Diggs

    Surgeries are very risky all around even by a real doctor , people need to embrace and love themselves and if need be make healthier decisions regarding diet and exercise cause surgery is never an easy way but definitely seems to be the easy answer to folks.

  • i troll it like i see it

    I agree, that man was his own walking advertisement or warning rather and those dumb idiots still paid.

  • Tee Tee

    I refuse to go back under the knife. I had a hysterectomy in 2015 and was left for dead after the nurse gave me too much morphine. I was literally dead for 5 minutes and had to be revived (ribs broken from chest compressions and everything). My husband found me in the bed not breathing (after taking our boys to school), the nurses were no where to be found, he had to find a housekeeper to get a nurse. The most traumatic thing my husband has ever had to experience. I chose not to sue the hospital because I worked there. Every surgery is risky and if you don't NEED it I would recommend not doing it PERIOD!

  • Tamara Artis-Dawkins

    Wow why are we so dumb and gullible? He looks like a freak that should have told them it was not safe. This is how he looked when he got arrested???? SMH https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aa7275ea930bda90855fcc6ef9f656b0df19d7638fe0a06fedf504779a74a33d.jpg

  • cheechee1x1

    Apparently this dude did not get hormone shots while awaiting his fate. He looks like a he. He clearly has injections in his face. That to be the worst looking ass I have ever seen. That ass does not occur in nature anywhere. When I was growing up the women would by girdles with side paddle or butt padding. No harm done because they were able to take at will. Even going a reputable doctor does not come with guarantees. Quite a number of celebrities have done sized on their huge posteriors of late. Trust and believe that Nicki was the only person dealing the after mass of having a foreign substance inserted into their bodies for non life saving reasons.

  • Jaitlyn_Kenner

    I would've sued their asses and bought my own hospital!! They can't retaliate because of their negligence.

  • Shanese

    What a nasty looking person everything looks very wrong and uncomfortable ? That's beyond a diaper booty, it looks like hell

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_

    i wish y'all sit y'all as$es down somewhere. ?