Donald Trump Barack Obama

Monday was a busy day for President Donald Trump. He signed a new travel ban imposing a 90-day suspension on travelers entering the U.S. from 6 terror-linked countries. And late Monday, House Republicans released Trump’s new health care proposal, repealing former President Obama’s disastrous Affordable Care Act.

Here’s a short list of the important provisions in Trump’s health care proposal, courtesy of The New York Post:

  • Repeal Obamacare’s unfair tax on people who don’t carry health insurance
  • Replace income-based premium subsidies in the law with age-based ones
  • Continue the expansion of Medicaid to additional low-earning Americans until 2020
  • Overhaul the federal-state Medicaid program
  • Repeal tax increases on high income earners as of 2018
  • The plan will keep Obamacare’s protections for people with pre-existing medical problems, and parents can keep adult children on their insurance until age 26.

    Trump’s new health plan must clear a few hurdles before it becomes law.

    House committee members will begin voting on the plan on Wednesday, setting up a showdown between Democrats in Congress.