Will and Jaden Smith

It took Jaden Smith years to grow his signature blond tipped dreadlocks. But it took his father, A-list actor Will Smith, only a few seconds to chop the locs off. It was kind of Jaden to give his dad the honor of chopping off his beloved dreadlocks.

The 18-year-old actor cut his hair off in preparation for a role in a new romantic drama titled Life in a Year.

In the movie, Jaden plays a teenager who discovers his girlfriend only has a year to live. The girlfriend is played by openly lesbian supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Empire star Terrence Howard plays Jaden’s no-nonsense father in the movie. Actress Nia Long, who recently teamed up with Howard in Empire, plays Jaden’s mother.

Wu-Tang Clan star RZA plays an “intimidating local music producer who becomes an unlikely mentor” to 17-year-old Daryn, reports Deadline.com.

The elder Smith seemed to take morbid pleasure in cutting off his son’s locs.

Smith, 48, playfully held up a bundle of his son’s sheared hair in a video uploaded to Jaden’s Facebook page on Tuesday, April 11.

Will and Jaden Smith

Dreadlocks were originated by Rastafarians in the Caribbean as an expression of their strong religious faith. Thick strands of matted hair are formed by not combing or brushing the hair for months or years. The hair is maintained by washing and conditioning usually twice a month.

Americans adopted dreadlocks in the 1980s as a symbol of ethnic pride, a political statement, or a trendy fad.

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