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For weeks there were rumors about an upcoming round of layoffs at ESPN. The sports network is bleeding cable subscribers due to its radical leftwing agenda that rubbed mostly conservative sports fans the wrong way.

ESPN’s layoffs were expected to bring surprises, as anchors and field personnel alike sweat bullets wondering whose head was on the chopping block.

First up is Sage Steele, the female ESPN host who didn’t do herself any favors by speaking out against President Donald Trump’s immigration order or the gender pay gap in sports.

The Washington Post reports that Steele, 44, will be replaced by Michelle Beadle as the host of “NBA Countdown” on ABC and ESPN. Beadle will host the pre game and halftime shows during the upcoming NBA Playoffs.

Beadle’s job duties also include hosting the ESPN and ABC studio shows throughout the playoffs, as well as continuing to co-hosting “SportsNation” Monday through Friday.

But Steele isn’t cleaning out her desk just yet.

She will continue to appear on “SportsCenter on the Road,” the Washington Post reports.

Steele’s tenure at ESPN hasn’t been without controversy.

She ruffled feathers in the executive suite when she complained bitterly about immigration protests delaying her flight at LAX in January.

“So THIS is why thousands of us dragged luggage nearly 2 miles to get to LAX, but still missed our flights,” wrote in the caption of a photo of hundreds of demonstrators protesting Trump’s 1st executive order banning travelers from terror-linked Muslim countries.

Social media users took offense to Steele complaining about protesters. Many critics noted that Steele, who lives a life of privilege as a biracial woman in sports, complained that she was forced to wait 7 hours to catch her flight, while immigrants were detained by customs officers for over 48 hours.

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