Big Boi Adam Levine

Rapper Big Boi dropped his music video for "Mic Jack," featuring Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine on the chorus.

In the video, Levine can't seem to find Big Boi's dry cleaning. Levine brings him an assortment of dry cleaning, which Big Boi tries on and imagines himself in outer space.

In another dream sequence, Big Boi is transported to Alanta, where scantily clad women dance for him and wash his car.

Finally, Big Boi asks, "Isn't this Stankonia cleaners?"

To which Levine responds, "No man, no. This is Jewtopia."

The single is off Big Boi's solo album, Boomiverse, in stores and online June 16.


  • Kanyade

    That hair, Adam... Meh, on the song (and its subject matter). Sounds like they sampled some 70s/80s funk. Can anyone name the sample?

  • KcoolMuziq

    I want another OutKast album...

  • Ms. Cree

    I am here for it. I love anything Outkast!!

  • cherrypie

    Not sure about the song but I like Adam Levine and love Outkast. ?Southernplayalistic Cadillac Funky Music ?

  • Ni Ni

    *sighs* Absolutely no growth. The first word out his mouth was "niggas" then all the darn cussin & half nekkid women ?.

    The song would have been real nice if it wasn't for all that. Good beat, good chorus, but he messed it up with all that unnecessary stuff. I do still love big boi though, but this will get no play from me unless they clean it up.

  • MsPam

    It has a little Le Freak by Chic rhythm to it but slower.

  • Jen_no_juice

    They performed this on The voice last night. I love Adam and Outkast but idk about this song

  • Renee26


  • Roderick2011

    Adam is one fine looking skinny white boy.

  • Christopher Tracy

    It's "The Breaks " by Kurtis Blow

  • Please Stop The Madness

    Why tf they got my baby Adam out here looking like Mr. Jay from ANTM. The slight small one with blonde hair? Ohhh Chile Issa no Adam.

  • Malcom Flex

    Yawn I'm sick of N this and N that ....that's why I stopped supporting rap hiphop.

  • Please Stop The Madness
  • Miany

    Adam looks might zesty lol

  • Malcom Flex

    I stopped supporting rap hip hop long before 1993 I stepped off after Doggy Style.

  • suganspice68

    He is,i am not feeling that blond hair on him at all.

  • Roderick2011

    No he looked hot bald.