By Sandra Rose  | 

Ex-convict Bradley "Chelsea" Manning tweeted a photo of himself after leaving prison a free man, thanks to former President Barack Obama.

Manning, 29, was released from prison on Wednesday after Obama commuted his 35-year sentence to time served.

Manning, who is only 5-foot-2, walked free Wednesday after serving 7 years of his sentence. He was eligible for parole in 6 years.

The former U.S. Army intelligence analyst turned over thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks.

Manning tweeted a head shot of himself wearing makeup and rocking a short haircut on Thursday. "Okay, so here I am everyone!! =P," he tweeted to his 184K followers.

Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for espionage and leaking classified military secrets to Julian Assange's WikiLeaks.

Assange, 45, has been in exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the past 6 years. He faces espionage charges in the U.S. and sex assault charges in Sweden if he leaves the embassy.

Assange has said said he would leave the embassy if Manning was released from prison.

Obama commuted Manning's sentence in the final days of his administration.

Obama, who is rumored to be bisexual, apparently took pity on the former Army Private First Class soldier who came out as transgender behind bars.

As an unpaid active duty soldier, Manning is entitled to health benefits, meaning taxpayers will foot the bill for his hormone shots and sex change surgeries.

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    Thought he would have released Kwame Kilpatrick (ex Detroit mayor). They gave him 28 years after he had already served 3. That's 31 years! I guess the homo deserved it more.

    Barracks the black activist from Chicago
    turned into Barry the white liberal from Honolulu!

  • Tynamight

    Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for espionage and leaking classified military secrets to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks.
    How is he free now again???

  • Lisa daniels

    Ellen come get your brother.

  • Coy little wink

    Kwame was a straight up thief and embarrassment to black attorneys....I doubt Obama had any sympathy for that fool....

  • AJ

    Obama is not rumored to be bisexual. Come on Sandra now.

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  • @yeuphonic

    Because exposing the "illegal" activities (actual murder committed by the armed forces (Geneva violation)) of your government makes you a whistleblower and he was not the first to do so. There were 4 snowdens after 9/11 but no one talks about that even though they have a whole documentary out..I digress. Manning was given a prison sentence which is considered retaliation. He would've ran millions up in tax dollars spent to fight every appeal and he would've won eventually.
    Also he's trans and gays leave no man or woman or non binary person behind. Currently, our president is leaking classified info daily.

  • SandraRose

    Wrong again.

  • LithiumHaitianFlower

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    Sorry, different people. I really like her comments though.

  • Itzgoingdown

    I'm confused??? Are you saying Detroit wasn't ALREADY ran into the ground before he was elected? Don't make me start pulling up FACTUAL Data on Detroit's decline.

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  • Queen of EVERYTHING

    Dang Sandra you wrote this article with a lot of underlying disdain. Why you mad for? Why Obama gotta be bi just because he knew it was some bullshitt to punish a person exposing secrets of our "democratic" government?... Only fundamentally racist White people support the government, their decisions and their secrets... Wassup with you Auntie?

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  • Allihave2say

    Buyer be ware. Several people who had their sentences commuted have been executed.

  • Allihave2say

    It won't live free long. Assange has been missing for months. The media drew our attention to his missing then abruptly stopped reporting on it. He still has been heard from.

  • Coy little wink

    My point was regarding Kwame...pull up whatever facts that support your thought that Obama would pardon him. stay focused....

  • Allihave2say

    It looks devilish, unholy, and inhumane.

  • Anunnaki

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  • Seek Truth Speak Truth


  • Seek Truth Speak Truth

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  • Seek Truth Speak Truth

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    Sandy knows good and well that Trump is not going to allow it.

  • LuvMyBrownSkin?


  • Allihave2say

    Yep. One in particular a black drug dealer in federal prison was released to an "undisclosed" half way house. The ASSASSINS entered the half way house, secured all staff and prisoners away from the target and shot only the target. THEY exited the facility without incident. Victim Damarion Thomas, Dead.

  • Jussjess25

    Sandra did you just say Obama is rumored to be bi??? Lady... I just cant with you. Also the man was dishonorably discharged therefore he wont be covered under nothing.

  • Roderick2011

    Then you upvote yourself?


  • Roderick2011

    They found Sandra's mama?

    Well damn!!

  • the guest

    Agreed. Bradley Manning is not even grateful. He felt entitled. He insulted Obama's presidency. Snowden deserved the pardon not Bradley Manning. But white gays control the US government.

  • BigCapacityCumDumpster

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    If he wasnt transgender, do you think he would have been freed by Obama?

  • Itzgoingdown


  • SuperScooper1

    No. Meanwhile Jeffrey Alexander Sterling is STILL locked up for telling the truth. He's not perfect, but it makes you wonder why Sterling, Leonard Peltier, and Assata weren't granted clemency when Obama had the chance...


    nope! Obama was/is pro transgenderism

  • Kinu1

    I see several people bashing Sandra for writing that Obama is a rumored bisexual man. Well, I agree 100 percent with her only because of the information that I read on him YEARS ago. it's available via a simple google search from when he was in Chicago. Not saying the information is true but that's a rumor that has always followed him. I happen to be one that believes there may be some truth to it. #myopiniononly

  • shelly

    Sandra Rose is a pseudonym this is not a real person. This site will say things to get you riled up. I believe it's run by a angry white republican man.

  • SunnyChi

    Ohhhh shut up!

  • KcoolMuziq

    I will NEVER forgive whoever runs this site for reporting that BIG LIE that my musical idol died because of aids. This person is a sick human being that karma will catch up with sooner or later.

  • SuperScooper1
  • We Can Do This

    Black people didn't want to hear it about X either.

    Putting baby powder on white men butts for money is suspect. I could see if the setting was a nursing home.

  • Quitedeliteful

    He looks kinda cute as a girl but... whatever.... I wish they could send his scrawny azz back to prison to serve his entire 35 year term. He was so disrespectful and ungrateful to President Obama after having his sentence commuted. Most people would be kissing the ground and thanking their God..

  • Miany

    I concur with just about errebody else who been on this blog a minute... Sandra opened the floodgates and the trolls are ridiculous. smh

  • Quitedeliteful

    LOLLOLLOL!! Damn that's tiny. You can't call that a mouth, just a pie-hole...

  • Quitedeliteful

    Whut??? Can you elaborate? I've never heard this story.

  • We Can Do This

    Don't take my word, look it up. Manning Marable wrote on it before he died.

    It has been referenced in many publishings. His days in Detroit to make money were unusual for me at least.

  • Quitedeliteful

    He does look cute.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Oh wow... I'm definitely going to look this up....

  • Guess Who

    Obama is rumored to be bisexual? Why?


    Thanks, I actually forgot about Alexander...I didn NOT forget about Ms Assata..

    Several high profile Celebs as well as a few people from the Civil rights era....asked Obama personally....for Assatas freedom
    he acted very concerned and interested, and had people very hopefull.
    Then he flatley declined, with no explaination.I was super disappointed.

  • We Can Do This

    He had a nice selection in prison.

  • We Can Do This

    Wow. That's nasty. Giving her a kiss is asking for teeth. That's a lizard.

  • R in NYC

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  • the guest

    This Bradley Manning is not fit to walk on the same ground as President Obama.

    Manning is a self absorbed entitled racist white gay who feels superior to any black person including President Obama who literally saved his life.

    I can't for the life of me will never understand why President Obama freed this Manning guy. I have a bad feeling about Manning. Like he will bring nothing but havoc to society.

  • the guest

    She really needs lip fullers.

  • the guest

    I believe Ms. Rose sold this site which I applaud a sister building a profitable brand. But it's confusing because sometimes her photo appears with a comment. I don't know, I appreciate the forum.

  • Quitedeliteful

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  • 404TB

    Barrack has no jurisdiction over Kwame. Kwame is a state convict, this birl up top is/was a federal convict.

  • the guest

    I would never support disparagement of President Obama, however, it's not so inconceivable that an eclectic intellectual leftist liberal guy might be bi. If he were, he wouldn't have been the first in those circles.

  • the guest

    Because as painful as it is too see, President Obama fell short on a lot of critical matters concerning black people and people of color. Heartbreaking that Manning is free over Sterling, Peltier, Assasta. Obama was their last possible hope for clemency.

  • We Can Do This

    The luxury of being a white male.

  • the guest a dress.

    Still a white male.

  • stanhope

    Because sandra purveyor of alt-truths sais so.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Ain't it amazing??? Manning is so confident in his white privilege that he can diss a president who pardoned him??? It's incredible.

  • MrTomalu .

    What if a white person talked about a black person's Big Jumbo Lips?

  • SuperScooper1

    That meme was originally from a Glamour Magazine Tweet and written by Petra Guglielmetti, so your argument is specious.

    Perhaps Google a little before you make non-cogent arguments. You lost this round, so troll harder next time.

  • Quitedeliteful

    First you gotta have lips to fill....

  • Birdman24

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  • Quitedeliteful

    DUHHH... heaven or hell, so what? He got a pass yet was absolutely disrespectful. That is my my point.

  • Applebootay

    Obama, who is rumored to be bisexual,......

    So we doing this now?

  • TeeTee

    how do you get into the arm forces as a man who is 5'2? Who you fighting... the kids? I guess this all worked out. and old bold rape charges has been dropped! Whats next in this book....

  • Wile E. Coli

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  • Wile E. Coli

    It isn't a mouth. It is an exhaust vent.

  • Mo

    Honestly I think he released him because our taxes were about to pay for his hormones, surgeries and medicine foreva. Now that he is out he is a discharged civilian and everything is on his dime so now he can get all his money from other avenues.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames
  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    I agree 100% on that. I try to use masculine pronouns as much as possible with these people, even they "identify" as female. Not buying into the lie and the propaganda.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    I wish there was a way for Obama to revoke the pardon for this ungrateful bum. I know if I was Obama that's what I would have felt like doing. Maybe that's a bit on the petty side but hey...

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Kwame was no saint, but his wrongdoings to me aren't on the level of Bradley Manning's. Manning's leaks put many lives in danger.

  • Malcom Flex

    you dl?

  • stanley

    Black men get 20 years for killing a police dog. He committed treason and only get 6 years. AmeriKKKa

  • Shira Harding-James


  • Shira Harding-James


  • Wile E. Coli
  • Wile E. Coli
  • Anunnaki


  • Chicagowise

    I'm gay and the first time one of my male friends started dressing like a woman, I was stunned! A few years ago, he was arrested on a domestic battery charge. When he told the police he is a man, they didn't believe him.

  • Allihave2say

    I stopped back by to say this about vampira's name:

    I know a woman named Chelsea Manning in Houston and she's a bitch. That's all.

  • Raquelle Dellaghetto

    Is that supposed to be cleavage? ?

  • Rob

    She's giving me HRC teas ??

  • booboo

    a hero of the left

    No wonder they lost

  • Lisa daniels


  • Lisa daniels


  • Lisa daniels


  • Lisa daniels


  • DLB

    You are right. The DOD or Dept of Army were about to pay for his sex change. But like you stated, he i on his own.

  • Nessa


  • datATLboi

    Obama, who is rumored to be bisexual
    Bish are you DUMB

  • JayCee087

    Jeffery Sterling is married to a white woman (an ugly one at that), so according to standards around here, he should be imprisoned for life.

  • JayCee087

    Jeffery Sterling is married to a white woman (an ugly one at that), so according to standards around here, he should be imprisoned for life.

  • KIm

    He/she looks like a ho. Lil mosquito tits peeking through its shirt...smh

  • Tea??

    Just looks like one of those weird white boy teens in the 90s / early 2000s that listens to Marilyn Manson and bleachs his hair. Lmfao damn mess

  • Birdman24

    NO bitch I don't want you

  • Cali

    LOL, drop those facts

  • stanley

    duh.. re-read what I said. I was making a comparison between White and Black men.

  • Wile E. Coli

    Then you did it very poorly.

  • stanley

    Nope, you just can't read. Repeat the 5th grade.

  • SuperScooper1

    What does his wife have to do with his imprisonment? Yes, he probably thought he was white and could leak like Snowdon but he's gotten his N*gga Wakeup Call now, hasn't he?

    Let's keep our eye on the issues and not be emotional. Peace tho.

  • Ant Hill

    Shoot this batty bwoy come make we shot them dead! #FreeBuju

  • Birdman24

    Naw muthafucka this not no pick up site....

  • KIm

    Amen. It's not petty to think that he/she's pardon should have been revoked... In fact I think she said something negative about President Obama after she was pardoned...Ungrateful POS. That attention w**** will get what's coming to her.

  • KIm

    Exactly. And then he has the nerve to have the first thing he does is to tweet out a new photo of himself in drag saying "he's back" on Twitter. Disgusting

  • Allihave2say

    You know the ugly shall always be amongst us. Some physical traits we are just born with. As a guy he might slide by ya but as a woman an unholy terror. The military will pay for his ongoing changes.

  • JayCee087

    lol @ you talking about not being emotional but using BS phrases like "Nigga wakeup call" smh Black people are so lost...

  • SuperScooper1

    It's a phrase in relation to self-hating, naive, or delusional people of color/Black people understanding that they are living under a system of white supremacy and collusion. Attack it all you want, but your ad hominem fallacies don't make the facts "go away."