Who said Teyana Taylor can't keep her clothes on? The fully clothed 26-year-old singer hosted Ciroc's day party at the world famous Compound nightclub in Atlanta on Tuesday. Yesterday Teyana dropped her music video for "Drippin" featuring rap trio Migos. The sultry visuals had tongues wagging.

Photo by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

Teyana and her mom Nikki Taylor hug it out for celebrity photographer Prince Williams of ATLpics.net. The event was sponsored by Ciroc and AG entertainment.

Photo by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

Teyana looks disappointed after scuffing her coveted Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers.

Photos by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

  • Carrington

    Teyana is making the slowest entrance to the entertainment industry in history. I remember she was trying to push through back when she turned 18 on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" 8 or 9 years ago. For her to still not have had something happen is very interesting to me.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    I like her. I like that she's herself! Rooting for her since her sweet 16!

  • Yoni7

    LOVE the haircut Teyana. :nun:

  • Ms. Cree

    Teyana is freaking GORGEOUS!

  • KcoolMuziq

    What are u talking about? She co- starred in both Tyler Perry(Motion Picture) & Kanye's video that was the talk of the town..

  • Ms. Cree

    What is sad is that ppl want her to be naked all the time. This chic is TALENTED period. Ashanti always naked NO TALENT. Pretty but no talent. Teyana "fully" clothed or naked she crushes the game and she is a triple threat!! Very, very TALENTED. I think the fact she hasn't conformed for Hollyweird is why she is not getting the recognition she deserves. I hope she continues to stay true to herself. Her blessings are just beginning.

  • Tammie Reed

    pretty girl love her personality!

  • hottlanta

    She reminds me of Lola Falana from back in the day. She was a beast.

  • AJKC23

    LOVE her hair!!!

  • Tynamight

    Her hair is nice & she is naturally beautiful.

  • Being bad is way more fun

    Who cares if she keeps her clothes on now we have already seen her naked !!!!! .. Next video make sure everybody is as naked as you also !!!

  • Coy little wink

    Her song "maybe" got a lot of airplay in Cleveland last year...or 2015 I can't recall...

  • Str8tUpMenace

    Love the short hair on her.

  • CookieMobster

    Why does she think those pants look good with that shirt?????

  • Coy little wink

    Hair is dope and that lippie is too...anyone know what color that might be?

  • Blak

    "she" looks like a transgendered male

  • A-way29

    Man, she was used to be so fine.
    I met her on set at The Cotton Club in Harlem for that song she made with Wale. I put together an interview for a company I was working for...

    And, she had that natural beauty look. She has a tough side to her, an edge, and it still doesn't take away from her charm.

    Now, she has that industry look. Sad...

  • morenYAHdelsur

    I know what you mean. Maybe it means she'll last longer since she didn't skyrocket and plateau ????? Maybe due to this she'll have more longevity.

    She's stunning and talented!

  • morenYAHdelsur

    LOL see! She's always herself. She feel'lat chit even if nobody else does ?


    Used to be? Wha chu talmbout Harpo?

  • A-way29

    She's still pretty...idk women bother with that mess. That industry is a monster...noticed she's gone overboard after signing with an industry powerhouse

  • Coy little wink

    Really think she's done all that? I thought she had her boobs done...let me go investigate

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    She stays working. Not a common household name but still steadily working. That's cool. She is just like us. Let me get my bills paid.

  • kiddo1

    This young woman here is so Freakin Beautiful....Love her Style!

  • A-way29

    It's a honest guess based on seeing her face-to-face back then. I know folks appearances changes over time,...YouTube that video for song she made with Wale.

    You'll see.,

  • kiddo1

    Well said...I hope she take her time and develop her Talent more, she will be a Powerhouse after everybody else fake it...

  • Harley

    she def had a nose and boob job. she used to look different.. #harlemgirls

  • Harley

    Ashanti is talented enough to write hits for artists who have gone platinum, so

  • Harley

    she had that issue clowning rihanna and reebok dropped her. may have delayed her entrance.

  • A-way29

    Yea, smh.

    But, she's real chill tho. Humble and easy to approach.

    She was eyeing me that day on set. I'll never forget lol

  • Harley

    she super sweet! I agree ;)

  • Ms. Cree

    Agreed. Yes she is talented, behind the scenes.

  • Junkanoo

    She has to be color blind among other things

  • Rayne

    She's really a pretty young lady tho. Can't deny that.

  • RespectSelf

    did she get her breast lifted??? anyone know?

    Not important, but her breast naturally sagged a bit. Which I'm all here for natural breast. I would be a little disappointed if they was lifted.


    I kinda see what you're saying. She's still Teyanna though, tomboy and sexy rolled into that tight package.

  • Fated4greatness

    I don't know if she's had work done or not. I do know she puts in work at the gym. Her body is sick!!

  • Renee26

    Her and her mother are BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Renee26

    Nah she looked like that when she was 15...it's all natural beauty

  • Evillene

    Look at her Mama! Teyana has good genes. I hope she hasn't ruined her looks-longevity with all that skin bleach, botox and fillers.

  • A-way29

    Nahh..well, at the end of the day - who really knows.

    Maybe it's the makeup??

  • Evillene

    Not quite. She's still cute. Just a bit too much "stuff" for a woman her age.

  • NovemberFling

    Mama leave your face alone or you'll be looking like the cat lady soon.

  • SpiceGirl

    *grabs head* still trying to get past....BYRRRROOOOONNNNNN! Lmbo

  • Quitedeliteful

    Teyana and her mom look good!!

  • Renee26

    Her nose looks different but still cute like before..may be make-up contouring or a nose job but those cheeks and lips are hers

  • A-way29

    Yea, you have a point: that contouring is a game changer.

  • pure_rachet

    OK! she on the way!

  • pure_rachet

    OOOH the shade

  • pure_rachet

    I'm actually looking at her mom. They have a good shape, same nose, but Teyanna uses wonderbrow. maybe good genes, maybe both have good docs. Im exhausted after this analysis. after all this, yes, her body is sick af.

  • pure_rachet

    It looks like she has implants.

  • pure_rachet



    The nose is still the same. In fact she has resisted pressure to get one, like Tiny.

    Im not against it , It can really change your looks its the center of your face. A lot of research is required to find the right surgeon, Some people are born with defects of nose, Just like some jaw mal formalities , like an over-bite of an under-bite.

  • Allisha Jackson

    Nose job!

  • Guess Who

    She's got a weird face. Like I have seen her look cute...and then in another pic or another angle, she looks hideous.

  • Mrs. ??????????

    I like Teyana's haircut, it fits her face shape.

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    I prefer Teyana's orginal nose ..

  • Dahl

    She's still hideous to me. Cute cut tho...

  • kiddo1

    What is Everybody talking about, this girl is Beautiful...

  • Rarechild93

    I am speechless!! I expected SO MUCH more. Nice body. Music mediocre at best. No real vocal skills. Talking about RAISING your daughter right and you outchea with these lyrics...???

  • Real Greasy

    Hell...if you put a flick of her and Jamie Fox side by side they could pass for brothers on any given day ???

  • dontgetblocked

    Glad to hear her boobs are fake. I was both jealous and in awe of them.

  • IamAllnatural

    Sometimes she has the wrong hairstyle for her strong face

  • isis Osiris

    Beautiful sista, great figure awesome style. Good looking mom

  • Allihave2say

    Teyana has horrible taste in clothes.

  • Allihave2say

    She definitely has been bleaching her skin. I thought I was the only one with eyes.

  • IamAllnatural

    Teyana confuses me because it seems like she's doing too much. You can be so sexy without getting naked or having your tits hanging out all the time. She acts like she's desperate to get a man. Stop showing the world your goodies that should be for your man's eyes only. Teyana please take notes from Janelle Monae, Naomi Campbell, Nia Long...

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Yes i loathe that outfit. Looks like something Drakes dad would wear.

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    That haircut is ?????


    Her hair and makeup looks great but her style is awful.

  • abby500

    Strong tranny look

  • Felicia Kelley

    The song and video SUCKS!!!

  • Salena Says

    Uhhh.Are you blind. Lol. I see some TiTies and so does everybody else. I'm not going to act like I don't see them hanging there Openly either.smh

  • Salena Says


  • Rarechild93

    Natural is when EVERY part of you is REAL. Not when we go purchase "add ons". Sick body all day but babygirl is no natural beauty. She cute though. All that makeup takes away... Let me see you.

  • Arama

    She looks like a bulldog.

  • parisjok

    she is very unattractive.