Casts Decisive Vote Days After Undergoing Brain Surgery

John McCain

Senator John McCain voted to kill Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Health Care Freedom Act, known as the “skinny repeal” bill, which failed in the Senate by a vote of 49-51 on Thursday night.

McCain, 80, interrupted treatment for brain cancer to fly back to Washington DC to cast his vote, which effectively kills health insurance for millions who can’t afford to pay Obamacare’s high premiums.

The “skinny repeal” would have repealed some of ObamaCare’s provisions, such as the tax mandate that imposes severe penalties if Americans don’t buy health insurance.

After casting the decisive vote to kill the skinny repeal, McCain huddled and laughed with the Democrats, who are all exempt from ObamaCare.

Outraged President Trump supporters flooded social media calling McCain a “traitor” and praying for his quick demise. Many called for him to step down, saying he is unfit due to his diagnosis of brain cancer.

Americans who are still paying for ObamaCare will see skyrocketing premiums as more insurance companies leave the exchanges.

Several states no longer offer residents health insurance options of any kind.

Until the House and the Senate vote to repeal ObamaCare, the markets will continue to collapse, and sick people will flood emergency rooms.

Trump supporters who were forced to pay increased premiums are fighting back by canceling their policies and refusing to prop up former President Obama’s disastrous bill.