Cleveland Butler

The family of a New Jersey man is speaking out after they spotted a decaying foot resting on top of his casket as it was lowered into the ground at a cemetery.

The grieving family was burying Cleveland Butler, 85, at Mount Holiness Memorial Park when they spotted the rotting foot attached to a corpse in the plot next to his.

A family member snapped a photo of the leg wrapped in plastic with the attached foot as it rested atop the casket.

“This was a very traumatizing situation, first dealing with losing my father and then this,” Butler’s daughter, Sandra Butler, told the New York Daily News.

The family is considering taking legal action against the funeral home.

Normally, bodies are buried inside sealed caskets, but some funeral homes rent out caskets to impoverished families who can’t afford funeral expenses. Later, the funeral home dumps the deceased into the ground and refurbishes the casket to be rented to other families.