She's pushing 50, but actress Queen Latifah says she's ready to settle down and have a baby. The 47-year-old media mogul says she wants to keep her baby news a secret from her friends.

The closeted lesbian has spoken about her desire to have a child for some years and previously attributed the delay to her habit of procrastinating.

In 2012, Latifah told Barbara Walters on The View that she was looking into adopting a child.

But during a chat at the Television Critics Association panel for Fox show Star on Tuesday, the former rapper-turned-actress revealed her plans to surprise everyone and have a baby.

When she does get around to adopting or conceiving a baby (probably via in vitro fertilization), she says she will keep the child a secret from her friends until she's ready to tell them.

“You'll know when you see me with the rugrat on my shoulder with the little backpack and all this. ‘Oh, she did it!’” she said, reported Us Weekly. “That's kind of how it will happen.”

Latifah, whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens, blamed her hard partying ways for the delay in starting a family.

She didn't mention her track record of broken relationships with women and her inability to maintain a healthy relationship.

"I had some things to deal with," she told E! News. "I had to get a lot of partying out of my system early in life for about 40 years. You know what I’m saying. I'm good now. I think I'm ready."

Photo by EVGA / BACKGRID, Getty Images

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    MARY POPin' out those splits in those blue JEANS....that's all I have, carry on's lunchtime.,,,oh,one MORE thing, I'm trying to figure out WHAT Monica's shirt reminds me of from BACK In the Day???

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    The pixie sticks that came in the paper straw. Also known as "Kids Crack"

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    How the heck do you surprise someone when you already told the world?

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    My "Candy Stripe" uniform.....?

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    If they ever do a bio on Ms Debra Antney. Since, EVERYBODY's getting movies made now. Latifah has the role. That's all I got.

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    We don't have to worry about that happening!

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    Well, is she gonna order it from Walmart, because we all know she's allergic to dyck.

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    That's the first thing I thought when I saw her. I was why Dana look more feminine in cute dress/top?

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    I love queen but I love your pettiness even more ?

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    Good For her!

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    I have always and will always LOVE her.

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    Well I guess the secret is out now?

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    Ive always been a fan of the Queen! I hope everything works out just the way she wants it too. She has always 100 since day 1 and I wish her nothing but the best!

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    Wooo I feel so much better

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    Good luck Latifah.

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    I usually like her style but I don't like that hair color on her

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    Can somepone pls tell me what is on Queen's leg? Is that a bandage?

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    kinesiology bandages - used to help pain and swelling. how it really works no idea.

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    One thing you cannot take away from Queen is that she is beautiful!

    Before Jill Scott, she was the only desirable, top heavy, plus-sized beauty. All sistas weren't blessed with that coke bottle figure and women like Latifah made girls like me feel like I could look good in my clothes too! She proved that as long as your keep your weight under control, your figure can look just as good if not better. I will always love her for that! She looks great in the polka dot dress!


    Co-sign. It washes her out and ages her at the same damn time. And I'm trying to figure out who told her that big ass peppermint striped shirt was cute? This whole look is a NO, Mo. (Still luh ya)

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    Yep Tamron is not looking happy standing next to her.

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    I know your Auntie did not say Dana was "closeted"!!!! She lives her life respectfully and privately. She has never even pretended to like a dude. Everyone who actually knows her has known for decades she eats p*ssy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't come for the Queen with that "closeted" foolishness.

    Besides, I thought Auntie liked it better when gays and lesbians remained private and didn't make a big deal out of it.

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    What happened to her leg and why does she have 78 band aids going in directions even Waldo can't find.

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    I hate when she wears womens' clothes. She's more cute as a stud. If she wants a baby, good for her!!

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    I don't get Queen Latifah, but she's a pretty good actress. So she never wants to talk about being a lesbian but she openly speaks on wanting a child??? Confusing. If she is comfortable being in public with her lovers, then why does she dodge questions about her sexuality??? It's 2017, nothing wrong with being gay. She would be a good role model for the LGBTQ community if she would just admit it already. Geeesh!!!

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    Wow I really didn't know. I knew they broke up, but I assumed she just got with another chick. Okay, thanks for catching me up.

  • vrj40

    He is really gay. He is what Hollywood calls a "beard". Look this term up if you are not familiar with it. He worked last year in a gay male clothing store in West Hollywood. The store put his pic up on their store page. Would a straight man work in a gay male clothing store in West Hollywood? And Queen and Jeanette are still talking also. They just recently as last week communicated on social media.

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  • bashi

    Do mean talking in terms they getting back together or just mutual friends

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    It's now way J didn't know he isn't straight. Even though she is not an actor or entertainer, she is still in Hollywood so she has to continue to build her brand in order to maintain and to continue to get new clientele and now with social media if you have a large enough following you can partner with large corporations and non-profits to help them market their products and services to your readers and get paid nice checks for doing so. He is part of her branding and reaching straight females who are primarily the ones interested in fitness tips. I believe all those tabloid reports about J and the guy were strategically placed by her camp. Remember these "stories" all magically appeared after QL kissed Nichols in front of the paps, probably out of frustration of being followed and yelled at by them. Since then on the gram QL has told J she is a 10 and just a few weeks ago told her she is beautiful when Jeanette showed off her new braids. It's no question to me that they are still involved. They have just learned how not to be photographed out after the yacht pics brought enormous attention to them and their relationship. Also J has 2 employees at her business and the guy is one of them.

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