Karen King

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member Karen King was taken into custody last week on an outstanding warrant in Atlanta.

Law enforcement sources say the troubled reality star was in court for an identity fraud case when the county clerk discovered an outstanding warrant in King’s name.

The warrant was issued for King’s arrest for allegedly hiding a 2014 Maserati sports car to avoid repossession. It is a crime in Georgia to intentionally hide a car to avoid repossession.

According to TMZ a judge signed off on the arrest warrant back in October after King missed too many payments and the bank was unable to recover the vehicle.

JP Morgan Chase is one of only 2 banks in Georgia that issue loans or leases for Maserati vehicles.

Regardless of your credit worthiness, if you miss a payment or you’re 40 days late on a Maserati payment, Chase bank will send out a repo man after midnight on the 40th day.

I’ve heard of cases where the bank agreed to accept a payment by a certain date, but the repo man grabbed the car the day before.