Rainbow Day Camp

A transgender Day Camp in California reinforces gender stereotypes in confused children as young as 4. Registration has grown to 60 kids, according to NBC News.

The Rainbow Day Camp, located in the San Francisco Bay Area city of El Cerrito, caters to gender confused children, ages 4-12, from around the country.

A group of lesbians and gay counselors, who are at odds with their own birth sex, watch over the campers.

“I want to show these kids what a confident, happy, successful trans person looks like,” said camp director Andrew Kramer, 30, who lived as a butch lesbian until she “transitioned” to a “man” at age 26.

At the camp, biological boys who are uncomfortable with their birth sex are encouraged to dress as stereotypical girls, complete with bows in their long hair, frilly dresses, makeup, and purses.

While confused bio girls are encouraged to wear their hair short, dress like boys, and play with stereotypical masculine toys.

The gender stereotypes on display at Rainbow Day Camp are discouraged in the non-trans community, where corporations such as Target actively promote gender neutral marketing and stopped labeling toy aisles for boys or girls.

The transgender children at Rainbow Day Camp probably don’t shop at Target, where their chosen gender preferences are all but eliminated.

Photo by studio-laska/Getty Images