Funky Dineva

Back in July your auntie told you that former blogger Funky Dineva was fired from WXIA/WATL-TV’s new talk show Sister Circle. But the report was premature and, well, my insider was wrong.

Many criticized Tegna and TV One for hiring a man who has a history of hostile behavior towards women. Funky’s presence no doubt contributed to the show’s low ratings.

Now several online sources are reporting that Funky, real name Quentin Latham, has been let go from his position as the house DJ on the show.

Funky was noticeably missing from the last 2 shows.

The news comes after Fulton County (GA) began garnishing Funky’s wages from his employer TEGNA – WXIA/WATL-TV, according to public records.

Funky’s debtors, including entertainment blogger Michelle Brown, of, began receiving payments taken out of his biweekly paycheck.

Public records shows Funky was paid approximately $1400 every 2 weeks to basically stand around the set and pretend to spin records.

Of his $1,400 salary, $350 was garnished by the county, in addition to assorted fees.

The fact that Funky is now unemployed means the garnishments will stop — at least until he finds another job.