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Gucci has announced plans to go fur-free in 2018. After many years of discussion with America’s Humane Society, the Italian luxury fashion house will no longer sell fur products, including the wildly popular Princetown fur-lined mules.

Offset Gucci

The Gucci Princetown mules are highly favored by rappers including Offset Migos, above, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and more.

Gucci CEO, Marco Bizzarri, announced this week that, starting with their spring/summer 2018 collection, the trendy fashion brand will be fur-free.

“Technology is now available that means you don’t need to use fur,” Bizzarri told Vogue magazine. “The alternatives are luxurious. There is just no need.”

Gucci plans to remove their fur products from boutiques and sell merchandise at auction to benefit LAV and the Humane Society, according to the NY Post.

Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle said they have been in talks with Gucci about “social and ecological issues” since 2009.

“Gucci kept up the dialogue with us for eight years, and today, patience paid off,” Pacelle wrote in a blog post.

Gucci’s fur-free policy will include every species of furry animals such as mink, coyote, raccoon dog, fox, rabbit, etc.

It isn’t clear if Gucci will go the same route as other luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney who eliminated leather products from their collections.

Check out some of your favorite stars wearing Gucci in the gallery.

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