NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes reacted to the public backlash after she wished rape on a female heckler during her stand-up comedy show last weekend. NeNe, 49, told the woman she hoped she was raped by her Uber driver on her way home.

Now NeNe wants you to feel sorry for her.

In a Snapchat video, NeNe is seen dabbing her eyes with a wad of tissue. No actual tears fall, but that may be due to the low lighting or the bad acting.

NeNe claims the heckler was a “racist” who told her to go kill herself during her stand-up comedy show at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California, on Saturday.

Apparently the audience didn’t think much of NeNe’s comedy routine and began booing her.

Leakes targeted one audience member in particular for a nasty clapback.

“I ain’t even gonna tell you about the goddamn Uber driver. I hope he rape yo’ ass tonight when he take you home, bitch, and steal yo’ funky hello kitty, bitch,” she shouted over the boos from the audience.

The mother-of-2 apologized on Saturday, but the backlash continued through the week, causing NeNe to fear that her Real Housewives of Atlanta peach may be at risk.

In a video live-streamed Wednesday night, NeNe said, “I was so wrong in saying the ‘R’ word, because last thing I want to do is… I’ve been a woman of domestic abuse, so I never want to… cause harm to any other woman.”

A friend off-camera consoled the RHOA star by telling her that she uttered the comments “In the heat of passion” and “It wasn’t something that you wrote in a script.”

The friend also said, “racism is very real”… “It’s unfortunate to tell somebody to go kill theyself… because, had you killed yourself that night, would this woman be going through that?”

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