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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania teachers have had enough of violent altercations with students in grades K-12. The Harrisburg Education Association says at least 45 teachers have resigned since July and October. More teachers have resigned after October, according to Association President Jody Barksdale.

CBS Philly reports first-grade teacher Amanda Sheaffer told school board members she has been hit and kicked by her students.

Parents narrowed the problem down to children from single parent households who are not disciplined because there are no males present in the household.

The school board and the Education Association are brainstorming to come up with a solution to the violence.

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Barksdale says the association wants a task force comprised of teachers, administrators and parents to help students who display violent behaviors.

The board should consider identifying disruptive students and enrolling them in “alternative schools” for children with behavioral disorders.

Alternative schools for disruptive students were phased out when liberals, aka Democrats, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) deemed the schools to be racist.

But studies show that students tend to perform better academically when children with conduct and defiant disorders are identified and removed from the classroom.

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