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LiAngelo Ball President Trump Xi Jinping

President Donald Trump reportedly asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to intercede on behalf of three UCLA players who were arrested last week on suspicion of shoplifting from several high end boutiques in China.

Lonzo Ball's brother LiAngelo Ball, 18, and two other UCLA rookies -- Cody Riley, 19, and Jalen Hill, 17, are on house arrest at a Hangzhou hotel.

The UCLA men's basketball team returned to the U.S. without the three players after defeating Georgia Tech in Shanghai, China on Saturday.

Ball, Riley and Hill were arrested on Tuesday -- a day before Trump arrived in China for his first official visit.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed in an email that President Trump spoke to Xi on behalf of the three boys.

via -- Trump raised the arrests during a two-day state visit to Beijing… After Trump raised the matter, Xi promised to look into the case and ensure that the players are treated fairly and expeditiously, said a U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. Chief of Staff John F. Kelly has been in touch with the families of the players and has spoken with UCLA Coach Steve Alford, and Kelly remains in contact with Chinese authorities, the official added. This official indicated that charges against the players have been reduced and that the case is proceeding toward a resolution.

The boys are expected to remain in China for at least a month.

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  • Scorpiess

    He's gonna get them all killed!

  • Reina1718

    He worries about the wrong thing

  • bemetoo


  • jussaying

    Well that's admirable - despite my dislike for Trump, I'm glad he interfered for these three black young men like he did for the white kid in N.Korea.

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_
  • Tammie Reed

    Teenagers and young adults do the dumbest chit! I look at the things my teens do (and they are about the same age as these guys) and I just shake my head! They don't think anything of their actions these days or take any accountability!

    I don't get it and especially with all the technology out in the world, what did they think and especially over in China, they don't play! I don't feel bad for them at all and what's worse is they have the means to buy anything they want...smh!

  • PLEASEDontTellMe
  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Apparently they got caught on camera, so they're basically cold busted.
    When they finally get home it wouldn't surprise me if UCLA kicks them off the team for embarrassing the university.

  • NailGurl

    I'm still wondering what possessed LiAngelo to even steal in the first place?

  • free

    so are they on video or....what type of evidence is there? cause now it's done went from sunglasses at one store to several stores.

  • iWasteTime

    What is the story.
    I've heard 3 of 'em stole a pair of LV shades from LV but didn't get caught at the store.
    Now above said several stores and again, they didn't get caught at any of the stores.
    CHINA, don't follow black folk around the store in CHINA? Just in America?

  • Django the God

    They over there getting flogged.

  • Dowoop


  • hottlanta

    Translation to "proceeding towards a resolution" means waiting on more money to the wired for their release.

  • Diva4lyfe

    hopefully they learned something from this because u can't be in another country stealing they ish like yall ain't got no money. Now they say its 3 stores they hit, Come on when they return if found guilty they need to be removed from the team. Wish them all a good turn out in this case.

  • hottlanta

    A black person gets followed around in Dollar Tree and you trying to make us believe that black folks don't get followed in a high end store in China.

  • free

    i saw a video of that caning shyt once! they were beating this man on his raw a$$ and that cane was basically splitting it.

  • Noirluv45

    It's brutal! Then I heard when they do it again, they swing in the same place they did before. We are light compared to other countries.

  • Berry Melon

    Most (not all) Chinese people have a problem with black people as it is. Imagine being in a Chinese prison. Most Asians watch you like hawks as it is, when you shop at their stores.

  • free

    yes! it got red, then it started to quiver, and then it started splitting. i turned that shyt off. i don't know how many licks he got but he was only about into the 6th or 7th lick. i would say do my back but definitely not my @ss.

  • shun king

    trump a good man for this

  • Arrissasso

    Thanks for the most and not all (qtr Chinese here amongst 3 other Asianic ethnicities.) Foreign countries are especially more harsh against Americans because we are the land of the rich according to their ideas. I’ve gone overseas and their envy is ill apparent.


    They stole, and should be punished, I don't care who they are.......Just like Meek Mill deserves to be in Jail..........Some of you on here are ILLITERATE!!

  • Django the God

    They probably whipped the jersey numbers off their backs by now.

  • Liah

    Uggh ....They Orange guy spoke on there behalf???...SMH!#THEYAINTNEVERCOMINGHOMENOW

  • Unhappy American

    He still won't get credit... I'm definitely NOT a Trump fan but I believe in fairness ?

  • TheOwley

    Chinese prisons are no joke and these three clowns would not survive it for one year let alone ten which is why the state department is intervening on their behalf. It's not uncommon with Americans that get themselves in hot water. Remember that young fellow who trashed some mural and lost his life for it in North Korea. They will be allowed to leave but only after the US sweats it out. We trying to get along with the chicoms, you know, and we need their help with the rocket man.
    I say one year suspension from UCLA and house arrest for 6 months, they wear a bracelet. And so ordered.

  • shun king

    yes he do and he belives in America... even tho that might hurt some folks i dont see nothing he is doing that has really hurt america..not like what Hillary Clinton talking about sending jobs overseas

  • TheOwley

    These 3 are very young and very stupid and very green about the outside world. They would never survive a prison in Asia or even the middle east. UK and South American prisons are just as bad. They need to stay home or wear a bubble suit when abroad.

  • Vonn

    Being treated fairly by Chinese standards may not end well them.

  • hotntot95

    ?.this dude so full of himself, China don't G.A.F about the US or it's president....

  • Rhyme and Reason

    He is flexing, and it certainly isn't about these players, but about something to say he did and UCLA and the players will be grateful! But, they shouldn't receive any special treatment, but go through due process like other young foolish Americans who get locked up abroad and the US does nothing!

  • JustB

    He has no Clout!!!

  • Rhyme and Reason

    I feel no sympathy for these entitled brats, and hope they learn from this huge set-back and embarrassment! I don't get why Americans think they can disrespect other countries' laws and culture simply because they're Americans or jocks, DUMB!

    Trump just wants to take credit for what was already worked up, I'm sure! UCLA has a legal team and the boy's dad had legal counsel!

    I bet if the players were with an HBCU, Trump wouldn't have offered nada, maybe Omarosa!

  • hottlanta

    Dump already sent job overseas with his products being made over there. I guess he thought because he got his job being unqualified, he is trying to get his unqualified friend on the bench who has never tried a court case. The hearings last week when they were asking his EPA pick about science was an embarrassment. She knew nothing about science. I guess ole boy who was asking questions was gonna start cussing. His face was priceless. When another white person starts cursing because another white person is incompetent you are incompetent. Dump got that white folks Affirmative Action going on all up in the White House.

  • hottlanta

    Omarosa from his official White House Black Division will make a statement and they will be working in the assembly line making Ivanka shoes and his ties.

  • Rhyme and Reason

    He won't get credit because people can do GOOD DEEDS and people still find them callous, vile or despicable, I do!

    It was probably already worked out when he made the request!

    UCLA has lawyers and the father has resources, influential contacts, and went on to Hong Kong to open up pop-up retail shops!

    Personally, I think it's wrong to bail some out and leave other Americans behind or to their own devices when facing jail time in a foreign prison!

    Young people or college students break the law in foreign countries all the time, and suffer the consequences!

  • dontgetblocked

    He shouldn't have said a damn word. They did the crime...let them do the time.

  • dontgetblocked

    They actually do care about the US. We owe China a lot of money and we import a lot goods. We generate billions of dollars into their economy.

  • what?why

    Chances of them coming home soon and/or without some punishment are slim to none. Trump may have some influence to lessen the punishment but people will still blame him for something.

  • what?why

    They really need to bring History back to the educational curriculum. People are ignorant ...

  • Rhyme and Reason

    The only thing is sadly, his base sees being American as being White Americans, and making it great again means something that can't exist again like ample coal mining, power plant and manufacturing jobs, along with some Jim Crow!

    BTW Prez Reagan started this country's job loss, decline, drug epidemic and AIDS pandemic by doing little to nothing, and actually drug money and cartels fueled our banks and economy!

    1980,s and 1990's hostile corporate takeovers, mergers and acquisitions gave the power of any given industry to 3 to 5 top dogs, Chase, BOA, Kraft, P&G, Comcast, Disney, Clear Channel, Live Nation, Apple and Sam Sung (CAPITALISM) - Barbarians at the Gate!

    These companies were free to take their jobs overseas, Clinton played his part like all men who sit in that seat!

    We're CAPITALISTS, and Trump works for those like himself, and will do some good things in the process and some not so good things, sorry!

  • shun king

    how in the world did Reagan start the aids epidemic that is a lifestyle gays have choose the only way to stop it was quarantine people like castro did

  • Noirluv45

    OMG! I just pictured it. ? If you'd seen more, you'd probably have all kinds of nightmares. Where did this take place? I know that guy was screaming holy hell especially on the ass!

  • Allihave2say

    It seems that people are rooting for these BOYS to get their just due more so than the grown MEN during the Olympics who stole and lied.

  • Elevated Soul

    There you go...Another DUMB STUPID LIBERAL trying to make your OPINION a fact and of course IDIOTS,with your mindset will agree with you....

    Obama definitely wouldn't have lifted a finger to help those thieves if they were attending HBCU's especially since he cut their funding like no other.......Obama paid Black people dust!

  • Elevated Soul

    These ninjaz are pathetic and just plain hateful...If President Trump went in and swooped those thieves up,they would still find something to complain about...

    The Black race is over-run with dummies like that...

  • Elevated Soul

    Don't waste your time...these people are hella stupid and hateful.

  • Lady_Elle

    Apparently they were caught on camera stealing.

    Seems STUPID to go into a HIGH-END store and steal while traveling in a foreign country with the team!

    Yet 3 of them did just that!!! smh

  • Maxima

    Play dumb games, win dumb prizes.

    Why are our people so damn provincial?? You do not go to another country and act the fool.

    And as far as Liangelo Ball: this is what happens when you have a black daddy who don't raise you because he thinks you walk on water cuz you ain't black.

  • Maxima

    Not at all. I wanted those white boyz to get everything that was coming to them. But since Brazil is just as racist as America (but operates differently), their white privilege prevailed

  • Maxima

    You talkin' str8t history and folks cannot accept WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

  • Maxima

    China doesn't cane; that is Southeast Asia

  • AriesSun

    The orange thing has gotten so played out now. I know I would not like it if I was called 'blackie' all the time.I suspect many black people who makes fun of Trump wouldn't like it either.Too many of our people are becoming too much like the oppressor.

  • MythCalledLove

    Their country their laws. If he wants to ask for release of prisoners there are a hell of alot Americans that wouldn't mind a lil bit of American diplomacy.

  • MythCalledLove

    LOL!! Didn't she take wedding pics all around the White House without getting it cleared? Just bought the whole damn wedding party. I don't think any of their items Made In The USA.

  • hotntot95

    And u think they wouldn't think twice about blowing us off the map..?.it all boils down to greed and self preservation...currany/ the US dollar is going to be as worthless as the paper its printed's prophecy...I hate talking politics, it's useless...

  • hotntot95

    ?..he will be freeing Meek

  • hottlanta

    She needs to learn that white privilege works in the White House. Black folks don't have those privileges. She knows good and well her office is across the street. You know she was there fronting like she was some big shot in the White House. You know her fake/boogie friends are talking about her like a dog behind her back now.

  • ?E?E?M?A

    Shit happens. They deserve a second chance. It was 1 pair of sunglasses so only 1 of them took it, not all 3. So they should at least let the innocent 2 go.

  • ?E?E?M?A

    They're only human. Are you perfect? You don't make mistakes?

  • ?E?E?M?A


  • ?E?E?M?A

    Such negative vibes...whoa

  • MistaO

    Thank you President Trump! Glad he at least tried to look out for these kids..

  • hotntot95

    No that's your president..

  • Ms Thang

    Stop stealing

  • Rhyme and Reason

    First of all, I'm not a liberal, no such animal exist in my book because we're CAPITALISTS! The distribution of wealth is quite conservative, leaving the masses living below the poverty lines, this means rural white Americans too, not just inner city, urban citizens!

    Conservatism is anyone who is moral thinking and believes in family values, and I certainly am, and that's certainly not the vast majority of republicans or Americans, otherwise we wouldn't have the Opioid, H, Meth or Crack addiction epidemic, among other drugs, high murder or suicide rates nor the vast number of hate groups or individuals spewing this distracting divide!

    People are lost, and need these parties to feed them, think or represent them, and I don't need the two-headed beast!

    I don't feel these kids should receive any special treatment, while others sit in prisons around the globe and rot because they're jocks, or attend an upscale university, sorry! When I was in high school and traveled abroad, we were cautioned and told how we would be left behind for stealing because it looks like no one is watching that stuff, almost like a dare imo.

    Go and help other families' children who have also been caught!

  • hottlanta

    Looking at Rachel and Dump son, Dump Jr. got some serious WikiLeaks problems. I guess someone should have told dad on the campaign trail to stop saying how much he loves WikiLeaks. Freaked me out when I read the email for them to tell Dump to say he is gonna challenge the campaign if he doesn't win to blame the media for the lost and yep Dump did just that.

  • chris

    That's what I'm saying we don't even have all the details yet... why people in here so quick to turn on they own.

  • Rhyme and Reason

    Yeah, but they were not in the US, where the laws differ. What about the people who go to prison for same offenses? Why, because they're ballers? If you travel to foreign countries read before you go and stop thinking everyone feels the same about you!

  • Marlika

    Phuck them. Let them stay that there and rot! no omen told them to steal. ??

  • Jussjess25

    I would bet my life that those boys are innocent. Watch!

  • Elevated Soul

    Unfortunately too many Black people give them a reason to watch them. No doubt others are stealing but Black people have got to know by now that Blacks are the ones they are watching. I saw some Black fools hemmed up outside a mall yesterday getting cuffed by police officers....What embarrassments!!!

    These ninjaz are so stupid.They don't study the laws of the countries they go to.Too many Blacks walk in arrogance and their Black azzzzzes are get caught up.Think of the Black dude who was killed earlier this year in Greece, who went to Greece hitting on Greek women. Well those Greek boys as well as European white immigrants from,can be quite racist and he found out the hard way.

    If these fools had been caught stealing in Saudi Arabia,their hands would have been chopped off....China's prisons are no joke! I don't know why Black people are always making excuses for Black people. China arrests their own people,what make these fools think they would be exempt?

  • wiseone

    That says a lot coming from a descendant of people who committed genocide and stole a whole country.

  • wiseone

    Right Dump did say he loves Wikileaks and when he debated Hillary he appealed to Russia to find Hillary's Emails. I wonder if he still loves Wikileaks.

  • sunni_daze

    Heard they got them on video at YSL and Ferragamo and LV. THe tape will tell.

  • sunni_daze

    For some reason, I find this story so very very hard to believe. The president is a known liar and so is his team.

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    Your accurate reference to them as "thieves" nullifies your comment. Why SHOULD anyone be stressed about them? They are way past old enough to know you do not steal. They did the crime, now they have to deal with the consequences. It doesn't warrant ANYONE speaking on this. They were WRONG

  • Liah

    Here we go again...I see theirs alot of people want to be an Internet Gangster today..Ok.... Lets Rock..I usually block irrelevant comments but AGAIN I wont block yours...I see your an Aries and so am I..So you know how we do (smile)

    This is a "Free " Country I will SAY and do as I please...If you didn't like It you should've kept it moving...He is Orange...Thais not my fault thats his heritage and his tan salon issue...They do need to do better..#Boop...They called Obama NAMES for 8 years...So guess what Im only one in...I have many more ORANGE jokes...Stay Tuned my Aries friend!....They can call me BLACKIE to the cows come home...I am BLACK and I love all this MELANIN...So on that note...My ARIES counterpart have a WONDERFUL DAY!!##BeBLESSED

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    THANK YOU!!!...they dont realize it tho. Probably never watched an episode of meet the press or any other political show. Dont know the difference between the Democrats and Republicans. They all around ignorant with no reason to want to know more about this country. I cant stand when people just go with what everybody else says. Make up some new ish and stop being a follower. Oh and I hate him just as much as anybody else...

  • NeverSurprised

    All of the charges were dismissed a day ago and they’ve been in the air for hours, on their way to LA.

  • NeverSurprised

    Actually, he spoke on THEIR behalf and as a result all charges were dismissed and they have been in the air for hours. Try to keep up.

  • NeverSurprised

    There is no critical thinking at play. Social media tells them who to like or dislike and they just repeat it verbatim.

  • TheOwley

    Yes I saw that. This post was from yesterday. I'm surprised it took all of 48 hours between arrest and a resolution.

  • NeverSurprised

    Sorry, I thought this was the newer post.

  • TheOwley

    Sandra posted about their release. I honestly thought it was going to take weeks or months.

  • Jussjess25

    Yea but the whole team was in the store.. they may have been scapegoated?? But will see