Instagram model photographer Suliman Facet Hasan sparked controversy on social media when he vowed to stop taking photos of black women who wear lace front wigs in 2018.

Facet urged black women to embrace their beauty by removing their lace front wigs.

In a Snapchat video on Wednesday, a white female friend told Facet that lace fronts are a “sign of insecurity” and black women should grow their own hair by eating more vegetables and drinking more water.

“I think that [black] women should embrace their natural beauty… and I think lace fronts are a sign of insecurity,” the woman told Facet.

“What are they insecure about?” Facet asked.

The woman went on to say that lace front wigs are expensive and that all the money women spend on lace front wigs can be “invested into organic, natural remedies” to grow their own hair.

“Buy some fruit, buy some vegetables, buy some Biotin,” said the woman. She went on to say black women “are triggered” by what Facet said because they’re so insecure about their hair and they’re taking what Facet says as an insult when what he’s really saying is “Embrace natural beauty”.

This video exemplifies what some white women think about black women who wear lace front wigs: that black women are “insecure” about the texture or length of our hair.

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