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Doug Jones takes a selfie with a supporter during a get out the vote campaign rally

Doug Jones, the first Democrat from Alabama to win a Senate seat in over 2 decades, says Congress should "get on with the real issues" and stop pushing President Trump to resign amid sexual harassment allegations.

"(T)hose allegations were made before the election, and so people had an opportunity to judge before that election," Jones told CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday morning.

Jones refused to side with Democrat Cory Booker of New Jersey who is among those in Congress pushing for President Trump to resign.

"Let's get on with the real issues that are facing people of this country right now, and I don't think that the President ought to resign at this point," Jones said. "We will see how things go. But, certainly, those allegations are not new, and he was elected with those allegations at front and center."

President Trump Doug Jones

Jones also said the Senate should not expect him to vote along party lines just because he's a Democrat.

"(O)ne of the problems in American politics right now, in my opinion, is that everybody thinks, because you're a member of one party or another, you're going to vote a certain way and that should not be the case," Jones said. "I'm going to talk to people on both sides of the aisle, try to figure out what I think is in the best interests of my state and in the country. Now, don't expect me to vote solidly for Republicans or Democrats."

Black Alabamans who lifted Jones on their shoulders and carried him to victory over Roy Moore are feeling betrayed. Some say Jones is really a conservative who ran on the Democratic ticket.

They point to the fact that Jones supports full term abortions, which means he advocates killing black babies in the 3rd semester of pregnancy or the 7th or 8th month.

Abortion is the #1 killer of black people in America, and Democrats flood black communities with abdortion clinics to keep our population down while the Hispanic and non-black populations explode.

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  • Phillybruh

    He'll vote along party lines. He is saying what needs to be said for Alabama he will have to run again in 2020.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    "But, certainly, those allegations are not new, and he was elected with those allegations at front and center.”

    This is a very, very, very VALID POINT. The people who voted Trump into office could care less.


    this is an elderly white man from alabama. while he may have been the lesser of two evils in the recent election it would be foolish to think this man is some sort of progressive champion of diversity and inclusion. i wouldn’t be surprised if agent orange has him in his back pocket.

  • Breitbart_Savior

    He makes a good point.

    •The Democrats are not in control; therefore, impeachment talks at this point are moot.

    •The democrats haven't presented America with any new political ideas. No one can pin point who currently leads the party and bares the message (and it's not Pelosi and Schumer)

    •If his election hasn't proved anything it has proven that black people, in mass, need to register as independent. No longer should we allow any one party or candidate to use us as tools.

    ?Women get abortions, they're not forced by clinics (nor democrats) to get them. Sorta In the same way guns don't kill people....people with guns kill people.

  • Yardgirl

    THIS^^ is what I was going to post. ITA!!

  • Queen B

    I agree with him

  • Phillybruh

    Black people are for more conservative than given credit for, however the republican party is not for us. Obama and Clinton were both Conservative democrats.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Robert Mueller will take care of Donald Trump soon enough... and the rest of the Trump Crime Family.

  • You Could Never

    Democrats flood black communities with abortion clinics

    *consults local clinics online*

    Cary. White as hell.
    3 in Raleigh. All in white neighborhoods.
    2 in Durham. Yep. White folks.

    Not sure where these are nationally. But here they aint in SE Raleigh or Braggtown tho.

  • Renee26

    Plus they can go to their doctors to get them done clinics tend to go up in low income neighborhoods due to lack of access to proper healthcare. It's not because they want to kill off all the minority babies....that Plan B is on the shelves of all the drug stores.

  • Renee26

    Bingo...they need to pick another route to get him out because this isn't it

  • Youngblood

    He looks like the white gorilla and she look like the black one my fav movie plants of the aps

  • cherrypie

    I really hope so...

  • Li

    Jones seems like a sensible man....and he's right about Trump. Those women are not going to push Trump out of office. He's not going anywhere and it makes him look like the good guy. We have other more pressing things to worry about than Trump's woman problem - let Melania handle that part....I want my medical and student loan tax deductions back!

  • Mystique

    He's right. The women chose Trump. The democrats need to understand that Hilary Clinton had all the kings horses and all the kings men on her side and still lost. Sit down ma'am!

  • MiamiMoon

    A lot of Black people did not vote in the last presidential election it is not just the women Blacks did not vote!

  • MiamiMoon

    Good luck on that one never going to happen!

  • Elevated Soul

    I LMAO on Twitter yesterday when I read this. I saw Black Democrats throwing fits when they saw that this dude (Jones) is not as much against President Trump as someone like the non productive Mad Max Waters. Black Democrats got played again on the political tip because they vote with fear and emotion instead of with common sense.

    There is no reason for President Trump to resign based on allegations by women,who are paid upward to 750K to tell these lies. The only people that don't care about these lies are liberals...

    Demobots supported a President , that raped women,so miss me with your hypocrisy.

  • Vicki White

    Well it appears that sexual harassment is only important during election season. That's what makes these women suspect. Rose you on time bout the abortion part.

  • Ryan

    I never truly understood the saying "can't see the forest for the trees" till I became an adult.

  • Evillene just don't know where to go with this post. Fortunately, even black Alabamans aren't fooled by smoke and mirrors.

  • TMW

    I agree with Doug Jones. If people elected Trump after the “grab them...” statement, after he was totally denegrating against women and physically handicapped people, and Muslims - and after 12 women accused him of sexual misconduct - it’s too late to ring that bell and try to force him to resign. People better learn to make the best of this bad situation, because Pence would be worse.

  • Varron Dacus

    Agree. this is why i'm a registered independent. Unfortunately some folks still feel like its our job to vote Democrat out of fear with nothing offered in return.


    The Democratic party wants to draw a line in the sand... trying to force everyone to agree with them on Trump because they have yet to come up with anything in the last year that the intelligent people in their party can support.
    What do they even stand for??? Uhmmm Abortion, Illegal Immigration and," White" womens rights and the right for a Transgender to go in any bathroom.

  • Kay J

    Is it me or does him and that woman really resemble a funny kinda way though ???

  • 19awesomegrl97

    lol they do

  • KLo

    That's BS. Sandra still cooning for the white man with these lies. tell them to hire you a stylist . #smdh

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    Sigh I'm tired of some of both party members. In 2018 I hope we do good cleaning.

  • Jygalo

    Yeah leave emotion out of it and vote for a pedophile. Does it physically hurt you to be so stupid?

  • Jygalo

    Umm yeah and get stuck with the worst President in history. I adore your lack of reasoning and logic!

  • Elevated Soul

    You mean just like you leave the emotion out of it and vote for a baby killer?

    You vote for a dude who see nothing wrong with killing a baby 15 minutes before the baby is ready to be born.So don't you DARE sit on your azzzzzz and judge anyone that voted for dude, accused of some questionable shyt by women who have SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED after that selection in Bama.

    There is no proof that Roy Moore molested anyone. There are only allegations from QUESTIONABLE women who were paid to make said allegations. None of these women have proof. I realize you hadn't heard this on Fake News but the woman with the yearbook admitted to forging his signature in the yearbook. In fact Gloria Allred and her daughter have both been outed as democratic wack jobs for the Democratic establishment. This is all part of the democrats playbook and lies are indeed a recipe in that book.

  • Elevated Soul

    Truth.....Black Democrats are so lost that get vote against self... Most are so brainwashed that they can't see who the real enemy is...

  • BorisBlack1

    Now tell us the number of black abortions and the number of live black births yearly (hint there are more black abortions than live births). smmfh