Tommie Lee Karen King

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta producer Mona Scott-Young has a problem on her hands. It seems one of her cast members is gunning for another cast member.

Mona’s policy is to keep the locations of the filming a secret. NO one outside of the cast and crew is allowed on the set, and the cast members must surrender their cellphones and undergo full body searches.

According to my spy, Tommie Lee arrived on the set on Thursday night with 2 men in her car. Security ordered the men to leave. My spy says one of the men handed Tommie a loaded gun.

LHHATL’s security searched Tommie and found the weapon on her. Security said a bullet was in the chamber, which means Tommie was ready to use the weapon!

Tommie and fellow cast member Karen King are arch enemies so Karen was probably the intended target!

Security didn’t call the police — even though Tommie is a known felon with dozens of mugshots on file at numerous police precincts around the country.

“Why is that chick bringing a gun on the set when she’s not mentally stable?” said my spy, who added that Karen King fears for her life.

Due to the high number of ex-convicts among the cast members, Mona hired a team of security guards to protect the individual cast members.

But the guard who was assigned to Karen was FIRED last night because he had his gun drawn when Tommie and her goons arrived on the set.

The fact that security found all the weapons — and averted a possible disaster — is a blessing.

Someone should’ve called the police. A reality show is not worth anyone losing their lives.