Romelo Hill

Capricorn Romelo Montez Hill turns 10 today. Romelo is the son of R&B Diva Monica Brown, 37, and music tycoon Rodney Ramone Hill, Jr., aka Rocko Da Don, 38.

The proud mom of 3 wrote a moving tribute to her youngest son on on his birthday. Read it after the break.

Monica Brown Romelo Hill Rodney Ramone Hill III

Monica Brown


  • iWasteTime

    Sandra you cranking them out today!
    I like it!!
    Happy Birthday little man !

  • pecancandy

    Happy Birthday Cutie!

  • MookieFly

    Aww adorable! Happy Birthday young man!

  • suganspice68

    Happy Birthday Romello! Time sure flew by fast!

  • Ebony Starr

    Happy birthday Romelo!

  • Desiree Edwards

    Aw very sweet! Happy Birthday!

  • tintin

    her kids don't look like her or her baby daddy. her little girl looks like her husband though

  • Bella Boss

    this is news why?

  • Mec-One

    Kids got them photoshop heads

  • SimoneG

    I think her youngest son looks a lot like her

  • kekeb

    Happy birthday. She seems like a good mother

  • MsPam

    Friends Of The Blog! That’s why!

  • Rayne

    She does have some cute kiddies tho...ain’t no denying that. But she was cute when she was younger.

  • Malcom Flex

    She blonde her boy blond. Eye roll.

  • No Love Lost

    He's so handsome. Happy birthday Romelo! And I just love Monica, so beautiful and talented.

  • No Love Lost

    Romelo is blonde because his favorite sports figure is Odell Beckham, who he has met.

    And Monica (I just love her) always switches up her hair color.

  • ?Royalty?

    That's not nice ??

  • No Love Lost

    Because its an urban blog that shows love for our beautiful urban and talented artist, that's why. And if it doesn't appeal to you, you could have just skipped this post.

  • Malcom Flex

    And he, OB gay/downlow Some of yall stuck on STUPID. Lll black boys with blond hair don't like black girls.

  • No Love Lost

    Your ignorance is on full display. First of all sweetheart, calm down. Second of all, what does Odell's sexuality have to do with him being a great football player who kids admire, thus leading them to wanting to succeed at being the best that they can be?

  • Malcom Flex

    Braud don't try to school me. You're too dumb to realized black boys who love blond hair don't marry BW!!! If Black boys don't marry black girls how does our race survive? I can call tell you're a young unmarrried baby mama who is 'thick' yall say the same short sighted crap.

  • No Love Lost

    LOL You poor sorrowful thing. Keep your piteous rebuttal and your projections to yourself. And the saying goes, "Assumptions are for fools" ...

    ..."I can call tell you're a young unmarrried baby mama who is 'thick' yall say the same short sighted crap"

    Lol On the contrary you miserable clown, i'm a happily married woman of 10 yrs, with two beautiful little boys, a six figure paying job, and a beautiful home. I'm beyond blessed, and too blessed to be wasting my time and energy on your forlorn ignorance.

    Have a good night.

  • Bella Boss

    lmfaooooooooo. and if the comment didn't appeal to you then you should have just skipped

  • Reina1718

    & she is expecting again.

  • Karen Brady

    Looks like his mom.

  • Trace da Ace


  • No Love Lost

    Lol save the rebuttal. You're a bitter clown. Who comes onto an urban blog that reports on urban artist and anyone associated with them, and ask "Why is this news". You're a moron.

    Just keep it moving. You've embarrassed yourself enough. I can't LOL.

  • Liah

    Cutie Pie!

  • Bella Boss


  • Bella Boss

    that was my point exactly when i said "this is news why" everyone knows they are friends

  • No Love Lost

    LOL Girl, why are you yelling,..just calm down.

    And yes you gave your opinion, a ridiculous one at that, but that doesn't mean you won't be confronted on it.

    Needless to say, this discourse isn't going anywhere, and it's tiresome. Besides, you're about to lose your bowels with all that yelling lol.

    You take care.

  • Harley

    Everything is a photoshooot now days with Monica and her kids. Always in expensive name brand clothing and posed up.... its over kill and fake!

  • Bella Boss

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  • Layah Jhene

    Lol that reminds me of T.I.'s son King crying to have a non black girlfriend when he gets older.

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    Take care lol...

  • Bella Boss

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