By Sandra Rose  | 

Ulyana Sergeenko and Miroslava Duma

A celebrity fashion designer has apologized profusely for writing a note to a fashion blogger that contained what some consider to be a racial slur.

Ulyana Sergeenko, a Russian designer who counts Rihanna and Kim Kardashian among her clients, was criticized on Tuesday when style blogger Miroslava Duma posted the note on her Instagram Stories.

Duma posted an image of a bouquet of roses and an accompanying note which read, "To my ni--as in Paris."

The photo quickly went viral, with Sergeenko taking to her own Instagram page to apologize and explain that the note was a reference to rappers Kanye West and JAY-Z's 2011 song, "Niggas in Paris".

"Kanye West is one of my favorite musicians, and NP (N****s in Paris) is one of my favorite songs," she wrote. She added that she and Duma often "call each other the N word sometimes when we want to believe that we are just as cool as these guys who sing it."

She added:

"I am deeply sorry to everyone whom I might have offended. Mira is a dear friend and even the fact that she so naively posted my private card on her social means that we meant nothing wrong and didn't realized (sic) the consequences."

Duma also apologized on her Instagram page, writing:

"I sincerely apologize for my regrettable Instagram Story that went out... The word is utterly offensive, and I regret promoting it and am very sorry. I deeply respect people of all backgrounds and detest racism or discrimination of any kind."

But, despite the apologies, the repercussions were swift.

Nasiba Adilova announced on Instagram that the Russian fashionista has been removed from her position as a board member at The Tot, a baby product company.

In similar news, a movement is underway to shame unwashed Hispanic rappers from using the N-word in their daily language and rap music.


  • DroneRivers

    How about everyone who uses the word just stop? It's not cool or cute. It never was.

  • No problem here people

    I don't see this as a problem, if we STOP using the word then it will not seem available for everyone else to use it, and anyway it's not "nigger". We killing each other daily but get mad when someone else kills one of us, WE ARE HYPOCRITES!!~

  • Trace da Ace


  • stevetheque

    This PC shit is getting out of control!

  • No problem here people

    I don't see this as a problem, if we STOP using the word then it will not seem available for everyone else to use it. Also, we are killing each other daily but get mad when someone else kills one of us, WE ARE HYPOCRITES!

  • ShelbyMoore

    At the juncture, isn't it starting to seem like they are doing stuff like this for attention?

  • Rayne

    Welp... they screwing nigras so they think they’ve can say it. Those same nigras make them feel comfortable using it.

  • datjerk

    EGGGGSZACKLY! Say it twice for the ones who didn't hear you the first time.

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    I know. It's the same thing with the gay slurs. On LHHMIA the other night, a gay male went on and on about the different types of gay males...most of which were slurs.

    I think we should just all stop whining, be better examples for others to follow, and if we don't like something, just avoid it.

  • Goodii2Shoes

    If she designs for the niggas in the headline & her and her pale Russian friends think of themselves as niggas, I think black ppl who made the word colloquial or friendly to disempower it of the power it once had to hurt/humiliate are greatly successful. (It's not acceptable to me but.... I hardly care bc nigg(ers) r lazy ignorant ppl by definition &nigg(as) is used as a term of endearment amongst many ppl bc of black efforts to do so.. as a "friendly moniker" it's entertaining to reference individual usage,,,,)

    s/o to Martina McBride tho,,she too is doing a great job

  • SDot

    they need to get slapped everytime that word comes out their mouth and i bet they stop then

  • Yetunde

    Hip hop is now mainstream music, we want them to buy the music because it makes the artist a lot of money, but we expect them not to be able to sing along to all of the lyrics because it's offensive. We need to stop using the word to begin with. My parents are Nigerian and I see young Nigerian men using the word a lot to each other. This actually makes no sense and makes me angry. We need to banish the word first.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    I hate this entire discussion. IMO, it boils down to entitlement and privilege. A "if you can do it, since I'm yt I can certainly do it and how dare you have the audacity to tell me that I can't" type of mentality.

    That being said, at a minimum, I think we can agree that the term is still widely considered derogatory and that there are AA's that don't use the word and find it extremely offensive. As such, I would say at the least, usage of the word by non-blacks is insensitive. So the whole naive, feigned surprise response that non-blacks portray when they get confronted with their usage of the word is total bs to me. They know the controversy surrounding the word and don't give a f. The end.

    P.S. You're going to use that word around the wrong person and you will get fckd up.

  • wiseone

    Stop patronizing that bytch. She makes a lot of money off them - just cut her off.

  • ShadesofEMPRESS

    I wish our race of people stop using it to. How are others going to respect us if we don't?

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    This obviously how they allow get to relate...I font see the problem...I can't stand negroesv that get all they feelyb about a scenario like this that is clearly a ten of endearment shared among them that the PUBLIC chooses to scrutinize and critique missing the intent.. NEVER MIND A SONG WAS WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY 2 NI GG AS IN PARIS.... AND YET GEORGE ZIMMERMAN STILL LIVES...FOH!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    I Agree!!!

  • Breitbart_Savior

    There's nothing we can do about others.

    They've been hatin' us before out colloquial use of 'nigga'.

  • Nina Ross

    I actually like that we control the word & can tell them how they aren't allowed to say it... poetic justice

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    So negroes are now tryna act like "NI GGA PLEASE" wasn't a term used by is EASILY!! BYE and GTFOH....YET George Zimmerman still lives!!

  • Breitbart_Savior

    It's simple. Other races are eternally obsessed with blacks.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Very much

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    "Everybody wanna be a nicca but nobody wanna be a nicca"
    --Paul Mooney

  • You Could Never

    Welp. I blame them. Damn song aint need to be named that. If Im not mistaken its only SAID in the song ONE TIME. Stupidest song on earth. Followed by Otis Neither song talks about a damn thing of worthiness.

  • Noirluv45

    I have a sinking suspicion that if every Black person in the world stopped using the word, it would continue to be used by others who have such disdain for us. We didn't create the word, so I don't think Black people are responsible for doing away with it.

  • Noirluv45

    So, it's our fault that they use the word? Did we create the word and use it as a derogatorily against Blacks? We don't all use the word, so that isn't a decent argument because trust and believe if every last one of us stopped saying N, they'd continue to use it because they were calling us that before we ever started using the word.

    I'll never understand why people think that Black people are responsible for the actions of others. That goes along the line of, "If we respect ourselves (as if we don't), others will too. I'm not responsible for what others say and do. I'm responsible for what I say and do.

  • MsPam

    She apologized but will continue to use the word in private. Stop giving YT a pass because they’re friends with black celebrities. We will never be taken seriously ?

  • You Could Never

    You shouldnt have said it lady. The end. And fukk you the sequel.

  • Breitbart_Savior

    Two things ....

    1. Just stop apologizing ... for most of us, we don't care, we don't believe you, and we know that the life you live doesn't reflect the put-on.

    2. I recoil every time a yt person comes up to me speaking jive turkey.

  • Noirluv45

    "I think we should just all stop whining, be better examples for others to follow, and if we don't like something, just avoid it." That's what followers do. Leaders take action. Leaders don't hold themselves responsible for what other's do. It is crazy to think that if Black folks just acted a certain way, then the rest will follow as if Black people are responsible the actions of others. Were the slaves responsible for their being raped, tortured, and killed? Were they "not an example" to the slave master or was the slave master evil and thought up those atrocious things on his own?

    This whole notion of "Black folks are to sit down, shut up, and be responsible for what others do is absolutely asinine. I'm not responsible for the actions of others. No, we will not and cannot avoid it unless we are deaf, dumb, and blind. I don't understand your thinking.

  • Noirluv45

    Your whole comment and mindset is absolutely asinine. So, if we (which we all don't use the word) stop using N, then all the White folks and others will stop too? Does that sound logical? So, you, me, and the world are responsible for what comes out someone's mouth? If we stop killing one another, others won't kill us? Think about that statement. Does that make sense to you? No one with connected brain cells would agree with such stupidity. Here's a lesson on race: Most people of the same race kill one other. Most murderers and victims know each other. So to say, we shouldn't get mad when Black folks get killed (we get angry depending on the circumstances of the death) is one of the most juvenile ridiculous comments I've ever read.

  • Noirluv45

    We heard him loud and clear, and he need not repeat such silliness.

  • Ni Ni

    My favorite line in the movie Airplane was when that old white lady walked up and said, "I speak jive" when nobody could understand the brothers, lol.

  • Wreckognize Game

    Just the other day Sunny Hostin said one of her white friends called her girlfriend and she had to question why she did that. I see this all the time. A female patron at a bar was trying to tell me and my friends that the bartender who is also our friend is such a sweetheart, a really good boy. That went thru me.

  • Roderick2011

    This is one of my pet peeves about social media.

    People allow their friends to use words that they don't find offensive but when they put every damn thing on IG or Facebook it loses context and some people are offended.

    But if they are ok with it then I am good. Just don't make the mistake and call me a n*gg*.

  • Breitbart_Savior

    Lol. And she said it so deadass. Dead pan comedy gold

  • HalleMerry

    The 1st thing that I thought was -publicity stunt.Ole girl called up Kris Jenner and asked for tips 2 get her name out.They believe that ALL publicity,is good publicity.

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    You are so right. They follow the bad, they'll follow the good. Do good.

  • IF IT

    Yes it is our fault that others bysides us use that word,
    we make it okay to use by constantly saying it
    everyday..........IS IT A NEGATIVE WORD, IF NOT THEN

  • starbright9449


  • AJ

    I agree! Jewish people eradicated the k-word.

  • AJ

    Jewish people denounced the use of the k-word, they don't use it in popular music or at each other. It was eradicated.

  • Bonsai

    You have Jay and Kanye to blame for that shat.

  • 1BlueStar

    That's what happens when you out here promoting a song called "Niggaz in Paris"; then when "they" start saying it / singing it, "we" got the nerve to have a problem with it.

    And like somebody said below, say the word whenever you want to...just don't say it to ME!

  • Applebootay
  • Noirluv45

    What makes you think the K word was eradicated? It wasn't. There are just tremendous consequences to those who use the K word because Jews control the media. How do you know they don't use it towards each other? Whether they do or don't doesn't matter. It has nothing to do with what we do. We didn't come up with the word, and before the N word was made popular, they were using it and they will continue to use it. It's not my responsibility what people say and neither is it yours or anyone else's. They control what comes out their mouths.

  • Noirluv45

    WE. All the millions of Black people in the African Diaspora use the word? Even if we did, we are responsible for what other's say? That makes us responsible for the words that come out of someone's mouth. I am NOT responsible for what someone does or says. It's within their own character to decide those things, not mine. It's hard enough being in control of my own life. I'm not taking the blame for what White folks say or do. If you want to, go for it. WE DON'T ALL USE THE WORD, so you are making no sense. Did we create the word? Were we using the word before it was attached to us? Think! I don't say the word? Do you? Then it's isn't WE!

  • Liah

    They gone learn...

  • Cannelle

    Who is "we"?
    Not all black folks use the word. Not all black folks even use it everyday.

    To the black folks who don't use the word, does someone get to call them N because some rando uses it in everyday speech? Nope.

    For once, non-blacks and especially white people have something they can't do. Poor them. Quick, find me a weeping handkerchief so that I can dry my tears.

  • Noirluv45

    So, it's up to who to teach them to do good? Think about that? Is it your responsibility to make people do good other than your children? It's up to Black folks to lead the way to make White folk good? Who told you that? People follow and do what they want. It's not my, yours, and ours to teach them. It was their parents responsibility.

  • Liah


  • Ebony N’ Sweet

    I don't support non-black R&B or Hip Hop Artists.... Most black people allow their white friends to use the word "nigga" because they don't understand the history behind it.. They believe "nigga" means "Friend", or
    "brother". Parents don't teach their kids anything these days.... Now white artists are taking over the Hip Hop charts, using our style and speech, it's crazy. If you don't protect what you own, somebody will take it... It seems like Africans have done this for 20,000 years, which is why we don't have anything. China and North Korea knew how evil white people are lol.. And they are the only race on the planet that wasn't effected by White Supremacy because they guard against it.

  • Noirluv45

    It's this slave mentality that many of us need to be released from. We think we hold the world in our hand and that we are responsible for the good/bad White folks. If that's your vision, then you go forth and do that, but the reality is they are who they are and they have been before you were born and they will continue to be so if you want to be responsible for that, then have at it.

  • Cannelle

    There are women who call their lady friends byotches, but if a man says it, all hell breaks loose.

    I've known people of Italian (and Irish) descent calling each other all types of Italian (and Irish) slurs. But you'd better not say them, else you've got problems on your hands.

    Terms of endearment. Not just black people have them. I don't use N personally, but if I hear a non-black person using it......

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    Well, if you find that you influence people, why not do good things for them to follow... is all I'm saying. It is all of our responsibility to uplift and teach one another.

    I get it, though...if people started behaving well, no one would have anything to bitch about. So let's leave it all up to someone else to claim the responsibility. :)

  • Noirluv45

    They didn't eradicate the K word. Just because you don't hear it doesn't mean it's not being said.

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    U know, I didn't read your entire rant before I agreed with the 1st couple of lines. Don't come at me with slave this slave that and all of your negativity. I'm about solutions...not bitching and whining about shit I can't change.

    Keep your depression and anger to yourself.

  • Noirluv45

    Yeah, it was clear to me that you didn't read my comment, and it's clear to me that you didn't comprehend it too. I'm about solutions too, but you didn't offer any. You said if we behave and act right, they'll do it to, which, and I'll say again regardless of what you think, it's asinine and ridiculous to take on the responsibility of other adults. Each one of us is responsible. for what we say or do regardless of who does it.

    I'm neither depressed or angry, and if that's what you picked up, perhaps it's you.

  • AJ

    What I am saying is people don't use it in music, it's not in movies, social media, etc. Even when Michael Jackson used it once, and not in a derogatory fashion, he was forced to redo the master of the song. To me that's a social eradication of the word. Of course ignorant people will always call people n-word and k-word. But Jewish people do not allow themselves to be disrespected and that's why you don't hear it like you said. We need to do the same.

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    You're clearly very bitter and angry and unintelligent, because I did offer a solution. I said, you moron, that since influential people are followed and imitated so closely (because yes, this woman and most people use this word because of hip hop artists) why not do good, so that these fans and followers can emulate that?

    You, on the other hand, are frightened by the idea of being a responsible citizen and setting a good example for others. First of all, this story is not about you, specifically, but your attitude is that of a person who only criticizes and spreads anger and hatred, so much so that my little suggestion of anyone teaching something positive from their platform frightens you!

    You're lazy! It's OK though because you're a nothing ass bitch and no one will even know.

  • Noirluv45

    You are too immature for me to even discuss reality with you. I never called you names and you have the nerve to say I'm immature, angry and bitter. Girl, bye. I'm not going to even reduce myself to your level. I'm a grown woman, and it's very clear you aren't, so have a nice day, okay.

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    That's right, you lazy old angry bird, BACK UP! Make your comment and scroll pass mine if you don't like it.

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    I also hate when they try to dap you up or give you a pound. I cringe every time. How about just shaking my hand like every one else.

  • Yetunde

    Okay, maybe I should rephrase that. You’re right, it won’t stop them from using the word, but people like this woman would feel less comfortable about posting things like this to social media.

  • Noirluv45

    I hear ya.

  • Noirluv45

    Better yet, I'll block your silly ass. You can't even have an adult conversation without being histrionic. Grow up!


    I know that's right!

  • Smith Jane

    I was thinking the same thing. Ironic how they’re now trying to be on some pro-black militant sh-t. When just yesterday they was screaming nuuuuuuuuuucas in Paris...

  • Smith Jane

    Cultural insensitivity? Lol. Black folks gonna learn.... not everyone is gonna subscribe to that ass backwards logic that only black people are allowed to say the n-word. If you don’t want the word said, don’t use it. Period.

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    Yes, block me! I'll die...I'm so sad because I won't be able to converse with your annoying ass. Bye, bitch!

  • BadAss Will

    We write a song for people to not sang or repeat ???? We should put on the album covers this record is for niggas only.

  • Nophace

    Reminds me of the 2nd verse on this old Wale track!!

  • SumthinSweeter

    Back in the day a saltine knew their place and would never publicly let it be known that they "thought" they were being "cool" by using the "n"-word. Soooooo can't really blame it on Kanye's lost ass or Jay-Z's gimmicky ass. White People just dgaf obviously and only want to apologize when they receive backlash via social media.

  • Snooky419

    Too super sensitive. I did not find it racist. Why name a song that anyway??

  • BadAss Will

    Exactly when songs say racist things about white people I don't hear black people humming ???

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    Just keep in mind that the intent was not malicious.
    Poor thing lost her job.
    This is crazy!

  • brownisback

    Still one of my favorites! I watch it now and notice stuff that I missed years ago

  • ?Royalty?


  • TheOwley

    Blame the black rappers and coons. They gave whites permission to do this. This is how white folks talk when with those black celebs people seem to love and make rich. This is the outcome. They all call each other my nigga. Whites in those circles call each other my niggas. Nobody should be mad. Talk to JayZ, et al. as to why they did this. BTW, none of these rappers are thinking about the general black population when they gladly show the white folks how it's done.

  • ?Royalty?

    ??? This is even more comical considering that the guy who created Dr Seuss was racist.

  • What do you expect?

    What you put out is what you get back. It is our responsibility to not CONSTANTLY use that word in music, comedy, and media that we know they are watching and imitating. Then turn around and get butt hurt when they use it as gratuitously as they hear it. Now I do say nigga every now and then but only behind closed doors. That’s what it means when you say WE can say it but THEY can’t. These high school boys only refer to themselves as nigga. Every other word is nigga, nigga, nigga.

  • NeverSurprised

    Ni@@a was the word some of our great great great grandparents heard while they struggled to breathe in the urine- and feces-soaked bowels of slave ships.

    Ni@@a was the word our great great grandparents were called while they were sold on auction blocks as human chattel --next to horses and cows.

    Ni@@a was the last word our great grandparents heard before they were hung by their necks until dead.

    And TODAY, Ni@@a is the last word thousands of black teens hear before they are shot dead while running from OTHER BLACK TEENS yelling "Imma kill you ni@@a." So someone please tell me how this vile word, which represents hundreds of years of black murder and oppression, can in ANY way be used by contemporary blacks as a "term of endearment." No other race will ever respect you when you so flagrantly disrespect yourselves and the memory of our ancestors.

  • TxCyn


  • Noirluv45

    I see what you are saying. Thank you. I agree.

  • TxCyn

    I had to look the k word up honestly. Jews are def not using that word. They are not singing it. Not putting it on t shirts. Etc. If blacks stop using it whites will follow. Simple- bc it’s no longer oneideted cool.

    “ How do you get white to do something ? Get the blacks to do it first. Then get the blacks to stop doing it to keep the whites to stay.” - Dwight. The office -


    I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t think it came from a malicious place. In all honesty most blacks use this word on a daily?????. What you mad about ?

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Ryan

    There's a reason why white people are so determined to use this word to our faces and it doesn't have a damned thing to do with "well if they can use it, why can't I?" WHY do they want to use it so badly, especially in public? If you are black and claim that "it's no big deal" for whites to use a word so loaded in meaning for our culture and community, you probably don't think colorism exists either and would probably grin like a good little coon while they sit there smirking and laughing in your face.

  • MiamiMoon

    People of ALL races have a right to use that word and use it on a daily baisi. I don't care if it was malicious you have a right to say it. I just wish they woud not censor white rappers it's their culture rap music they shoud be allowed to say it as well !

  • MiamiMoon

    Who cares!

  • MiamiMoon

    I don't care if Black people are killing each other it does not effect me it it not my problem you have bad parents or did not graduate high school . I don't care about the n-word I only use it when a loud mouth Black woman pisses me off. I don't care about how other black people dress. I do not care what other Black people do with their lives. Get over this group mentality,

  • MiamiMoon

    Everybody can say the n-word NEXT!

  • MiamiMoon

    Everyone has a right to say the n-word .If you love hip hop SAY IT. If a Black person makes you mad and you want to shut them up SAY IT.Black people do not own any word and cannot dictate who can use it or not.

  • MiamiMoon

    You are racist when you say you do not listen to non-black artists. Who cares if white hip hop artists are taking over hip hop I hope they use the n-word too. A non Black person using the n-word is not racist. Who cares who says it!

  • Nonya Bizness

    I care who says it. IDC that you're clearly not bothered by the history behind the word.Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.There has to be a line drawn in things. Once you allow people to do things that shouldn't be done or most sane people find offensive, they're like children and keep pushing the bar until before you know it-we're back to Segregation and Slavery. They keep trying it with things. Those awful home loans for everyone but white people. Let everyone say the N word. Tear down statues and pretend like things never happened. The past isn't pretty, but it's reality, and should never be forgotten. There are people still on this earth whose family members or them themselves lived through things we'll hopefully never live through, and opening the gates and giving everyone access to everything isn't the answer. Today it's the N word, tomorrow it's people being hung and drug from trucks, and women raped and breastfeeding other women's children while theirs sit there hungry. Give an inch and some people take a mile. I will never say the word. It's not mine to say, and I'm quite fine with that. Just because a rapper, actor, Joe Schmoe says something doesn't mean I need to say it. I'm not a sheep. I will not associate with Non Black people who say it, or the Black people who allow them to say it. IMO, it truly tells me everything I need to know about someone based on their opinion on the matter.

  • Li

    THIS is the way people -- all people TALK. I teach in the public schools, and the kids -- black/white/Hispanic - call each other N!ggas!....I was shocked. The white kids call the black kids n!ggas and vice versa. They don't know the history, they don't care. So no it doesn't surprise me that Europeans - Africans - Asians - people all over the world hear the word, see the word used in movies & rap music, and they think it's OK.

  • Faux Gibbler

    I do think it was an honest mistake. She don't speak English that well or live here.

  • Faux Gibbler

    They think it's OK because they don't know any better and no one has told them differently.

  • What do you expect?

    You’re going to get your ass whooped sooooo good. Some black woman is going to beat the shit out of you and I hope it’s posted to WSHH where I can watch it YOU TRASH BYTCH!

  • Ebony N’ Sweet

    I didni't say I don't listen to all non-black artists, only r&b and hip hop. I'm completely okay with White artists doing music that's reflective of their own culture.

  • Waya Hedia

    omg.. how stupid.

  • Holler If Ya Hear Me

    I don’t associate with the word. No way in hell one made up word can trigger so many people for centuries. Let it go black people. Stop identifying with it.

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    Black people cannot get mad because someone else uses a word that we "as a whole" promote. If it's so loaded and bad and offensive, STOP REFERRING TO EACH OTHER IN THAT WAY! You can't call something offensive if someone else does it but it's OK if you do it. That is called a DOUBLE STANDARD.
    The reference to The NIP song seems legit, but even if not, it wasn't used in a negative way.

    Stop being a slave to a word and blaming slavery for it when you still use it hundreds of years later!!

  • Miss Thang

    Thanks Kanye and Jay Z ? fake ass pro blacks.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    There's a lot bigger things for us to get outraged about. This wouldnt even be in my top 100.




    Tell it to MLK and Malcolm X, etc.

  • Mimi

    I think the powers that be want the world, especially wipipo, to keep that word in usage....Why is there such publicity whenever whites use that word? If the media didn't give life to those ridiculous publicity stunts, wipipo would stop using it...they keep at it because they know they'll get a reaction from the Black community and they enjoy victimizing us any chance they 2 cents...
    The media needs to stop reporting such crap and I agree that we can keep using that word amongst ourselves to take our power back...nothing wrong with that..




    ALL OF THE RAPPERS!!!!..........JENNY JONES!!!!

  • itsjismemelly

    they need to cut it out

  • Ant Hill

    I don't see the problem here, ni**a just means a man.

  • Ant Hill


  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    She coulda censored the word
    These people doing this to seek attention smh

  • MiamiMoon

    There is nothing wrong with white artists doing hip hop and r&b music!

  • Rhondalousey

    Yeah you are.

  • Rhondalousey

    And vice versa.

  • BadAss Will

    Duh...that the purpose of the article. My point is white are criticized more than blacks. Ironic

  • just saying

    True just don't get mad when a black person u don't know beats your ass when u tell THEM how they should feel about it when u say the word.

  • chaisun

    Black people can't be racist, first. When you people realize this you'd acknowledge there is nothing innocent nor is there pure intent when white people say something so "simple" as the N word. Its also not up to you to dictate how someone else should feel about the N word. You are also one to call someone "racist" when you don't even care that your culture is being appropriated by a group of people that has had zero culture as far back as the dark ages. Then you're okay with those same white people calling YOU the N word. I refuse to believe you are Black.

  • chaisun

    If you people are seriously okay with white people, that have historically made a mockery of Black people, have disenfranchised, became wealthy from cultural appropriating, that have forced assimilation, created Jim Crow and the social construct of race and inequality. These same people that have benefited from our ancestors, yet refuse to acknowledge it, all over the entire world. These same people that pretend to be "down" in your face and then call you an actual N word while still using this word because they want to be "cool and trendy" I am at a loss. I don't get it, this behavior and passiveness is redundant.