Obama Homer bushes

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. unveiled portraits of former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama that shocked the public because of their simplicity.

But it is Barack’s painting that drew the most criticism and attention for its awkward positioning of the former President.

The painting shows former President Obama sitting on a wooden chair against a backdrop of bushes. The chair and Mr. Obama’s legs appear to be disappearing into the bushes.

The strange painting is similar to the popular Homer Simpson animated GIF that shows the cartoon character disappearing into a bush.

Homer Simpson

Mr. Obama appeared to be stunned and taken aback when he helped unveil his portrait on Monday.


Whatever the Obamas thought about the paintings, they kept their observations to themselves and smiled graciously as the invited guests applauded politely.


But social media users took to Twitter.com to complain and ridicule the paintings.

“lmao these are awful,” tweeted one user.

Another user said it looked like the artists used a Paint-by-Number kit to create the portraits.

“Ugly disgusting pictures not presidential paint by the numbers.”

What do you think about the paintings?