Donald Trump hair
A video of a gust of wind blowing through President Trump’s hair is garnering more views than Kim Kardashian’s Bo Derek braids.

The video, which went viral on Wednesday, shows Trump boarding Air Force One on a flight to Mar-a-Lago on Friday, Feb. 2.

Social media users rejoiced at what they believed to be Trump’s hairpiece flipping up over his head to reveal a huge bald spot.

From a distance it appears that Trump is wearing a wig or a hair piece. But videos shot from a distance can be deceiving.

A closer look at a photo of Trump climbing the steps of AF1 shows the back of Trump’s head is fully covered by thin grey hair that is dyed blond at the ends (although Trump swears his hair is not dyed).

Trump wasn’t lying when he said all of his hair grows from his scalp.

Daily Mail readers criticized a reporter for the clickbait headline that claimed the U.S. president was bald.