Tyree Smith

Tyree Smith, founder of ARTlanta Gallery, is excited to debut the ARTlanta Fair; a four day multi-sensory playground featuring works from 50+ visual artists, amusement rides, music, games and artistic performances.


The ARTlanta will take place April 12th - 15th, 2018 at the historical Fort McPherson in southwest Atlanta.

“I wanted to connect the people of Atlanta directly to art, free of political or personal agendas,” said Smith, who also sits on Marta En Route Art Council, serves as VP Chair on the Fort Mac Public Art Council and is a 2018 jury panelist for Art on the Beltline.

“Life is art, and art has become the new Atlanta. What better way to play and explore a multi-sensory playground than through an art fair.”


Guaranteed to fuel the imaginative spirit through arts, music and culture, the ARTlanta Fair will host some of the biggest visual artists under one creative roof to celebrate Atlanta’s longstanding influence in pop culture.

Participating artists include Miya Bailey, Ebo Haze, Nicola Badila, Rob Regis, Ceaux, EuGene Byrd, Lennox Ave, Keef Cross, J. Barber, Rod Parker, Markers and more. There will also be guest DJ sets by some of Atlanta’s most popular DJ’s including Papa Ratchet, Ooh Lala, Fly Guy and more.

The Book Bank Foundation has been selected as the official community partner for this year’s event. The organization will receive art supplies donated daily by attendees to benefit underprivileged kids and communities.

“Art is one of the purest and fearless forms of communication as it reflects the current times of our landscape,” said Dr. Glenn Toby, founder of Book Bank Foundation. “Tyree Smith, Anthony Jackson who serves as president of the Book Bank Foundation and the ARTlanta family continue to collaborate using immersive experiences to celebrate the people that create and support the world of art.”

The 2018 ARTlanta Fair Event Line-up:

Thursday April 12th: Official Opening

3pm to 4pm: Panel Discussions (How to Monetize Art) at ARTlanta Gallery

6pm to 7pm: Artist Talk in ARTlanta Gallery

7pm to 11pm: Hundo “Small Works ART Show “Opening Reception at Future Gallery hosted by EuGene Byrd

Movie Night MAD 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Movie ART Drinks) Hosted by Tyree Smith Founder ARTlanta Gallery

Friday April 13th

3pm to 4pm: Panel Discussions at ARTlanta Gallery

8pm to 11pm: Colors: Interactive Art Experience at ARTlanta Gallery hosted by Tyree Smith Puma from Black Ink, BMX BEESY. Music by Papa Ratchet.

6pm to 7pm: Artist Talk

Saturday April 14th

80’s Theme Day || Everyone in 80’s themed attire gets in free (All Day)

8pm to 11pm: 1988 (80’s themed party)

Sunday April 15th

Official Closing (Hosted by Tyree Smith, Founder of ARTlanta Gallery)

ART DRIVE Free entry with Art Supplies until 5:00 pm

Hosted by: The Book Bank Foundation

12pm to 1pm: Panel Discussion: How to help children in the industry Arts, Music, Acting

1pm to 3pm: Kids Colors

3pm to 5pm: Krispy Cream Doughnut Social Hosted by Nikia Knight and ARTlanta Gallery

3pm to 3:30pm: Paint Balloon Fight

3pm to 5pm: KIDS MAD – Movie. ART. Drinks

Open to people of all ages, the event will host youth-friendly events daily from 12pm to 7pm and themed-nighttime events for guests who are 18 and older from 8pm to 11pm. General admission tickets are $5 for all ages and advance tickets can be purchased at ARTLANTAgallery.com.


Media Contact:

Angela Watts | angela@10squaredpr.com
Sean Rush | sean@10squaredpr.com

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    I just love art ... I see Tyler still giving back. .... With the usage of the Fort .. That's what's up... Walking dead is filmed there too .

  • You Could Never

    8pm to 11pm: 1988 (80’s themed party)

    YASSS King! 1988 was my FAVE 80's year toooooooooo. The music was dope af. The MOVIES! Coming to America dropped in '88 I do belee. SO many hip hop classics dropped in '88 TOO. I had just started middle school. Going to dances and stuff. YASSS. Wish I could make it to this but I got a baby shower to go to that day. Best of luck! And keep grindin!

    *Goes to listen to my fave 1988 classic by my wife MC Lyte*

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    Wish I was in Atlanta. This sounds interesting!!

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    Me too!

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    Sure does.

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    80’s Theme Day || Everyone in 80’s themed attire gets in free (All Day)
    This made my heart flutter!! I am heavily involved in the Art scene in my city and this sounds like a fun 4 day event. If I knew about this earlier I would have tried to attend but I am going to look closely at the model to see if we can do something similar here. Bravo sirs!!!

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    I thought that guy was TI.

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    Who?!? Painting the pumpkin bofllll ???

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    Very cool. I hope you Atlantans enjoy this event.

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    Nice! I will have to attend this event

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    Yesss! Art is therapeutic

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    This is awesome. Cool concept.

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