Tim Cunningham

The family of missing CDC doctor Timothy Cunningham is offering $15,000 for information leading to his whereabouts. Cunningham, 35, went missing on Feb. 12, the same day he left work early after telling his boss he wasn't feeling well.

The infection control doctor worked for the chronic disease department at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Chamblee, GA. He left work early on the morning of Feb. 12, after he was told he would not get the promotion he was in line for.

Two days later, Cunningham's worried parents drove from their Maryland home to Cunningham's home in north Georgia. There, they found his car, keys, his wallet containing his ID and credit cards, and his beloved dog Mr. Bojangles.

Two upstairs windows had been left open in the house. There were no signs of foul play, though Cobb County police say nothing can be ruled out.

The mystery surrounding Cunningham's disappearance has sparked conspiracy theories, such as the one that claims he warned Facebook users about the flu vaccine being the cause of this season's deadly flu strain that has killed over 100 children.

But Cunningham's family denied the rumor that he issued such a warning.

"It is a lie," said Cunningham's father, Terrell Cunningham. "It is not factual. Hopefully, he'll come back and be able to address that."

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers Atlanta tip line at 404-577-TIPS (8477) or submit info anonymously online at www.crimestoppersatlanta.org.

  • JRock

    Dang. They still haven't found him? That's not good news. The longer he is missing, unfortunately, it probably means he's dead. But I hope not. Darn. I wonder what could have happened to him?

  • Yardgirl

    Oh no!! After so many weeks gone, unless he went off on his own, we can assume that he is no longer alive. So sorry for the family. Sad.

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    soooooooooooo my unchecked, unconfirmed conspiracy theory mind, feels like he is gone from this world. I think he was about to tell the truth behind the flu shots...and expose the governmental efforts of population control. Disclaimer: Dear Gov...these comments are for entertainment purposes only...i know nothing...i've seen nothing....i understand nothing. Please do not send ninja's to my home while i sleep. thank you.

  • Neon

    Lol , I know that's right, you definitely don't want to be next!

  • Ni Ni

    I wonder if they have reviewed security cameras in his area,

  • thrift.store.jungle

    law enforcement: pretend like he's a missing white woman. that should expedite his safe return.

    my thoughts are with his family. i hope this young man is ok.

  • Ni Ni

    Is his phone or computer missing too?

  • shun king

    When black men get involved in these deviant life styles this is what happens...

  • JRock

    I hear ya. Same here. Same disclaimer.

  • Holler If Ya Hear Me

    and what deviant life style was this HIGHLY EDUCATED black man living?

    I guess being black in itself is a crime, right?

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Chile them folks can't do nothing to our azzes now ... Blewp ... And yes you are right ...

  • shun king

    Ray Charles can see whats up with that boy

  • bemetoo

    The cdc got him and killed him

  • http://batman-news.com Roderick2011

    Ohhhhhhhh K!!



    ***"The murder of D.C. middle school principal Brian Betts**** has

    focused attention on a growing problem -- suspects looking to rob victims they meet on telephone sex chat lines".

    "In the past few months, there have been attacks on victims in Prince William County, Va.; Silver Spring, Md.; and southeast Washington. Police are not saying any of these attacks are related, but they seem to be strikingly similar."

    **I suggest they start by looking at it from this angle. Single successful lonley gay men who are NOT street wise are using these chats lines and are becoming prey.**

  • MissMaryMack410


  • shun king


  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    I'm hoping he just ran away to get away from everybody,
    but at this point I know that's probably highly unlikely.

  • SweetTEE

    The same as back when the chatline first started. Trust, I know plenty that happened bc of the chatline. I hope this young man is ok.

  • Bossy704

    I hope Mr. Bojangles is okay. This man is dead. If it was an inside job by now they would have found him and his car in a body of water somewhere. Me thinks he was stressed out at work because of his discoveries and not getting a promotion and got into something with some shady folk and ended up dead. Everybody knows the flu shot gives you the flu and can kill you. If you are still getting it that is on you. Didn't need him to tell me that.

  • SweetTEE

    That's the real info. It's crazy that wasnt mentioned. Man, I hope he didn't get "Dr. Sebi'd".

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    We dont know he was gay, so I'm not going to assume that. And even if he chose to hook up with somebody, why leave his car & house keys, wallet, and cell phone behind?


    Hunty they been killing folks for the Chatline since the 90’s. I didn’t know he was gay?????

  • Conscience

    Brother was a truth seeker. Probably did not get promotion because he knew to much. If he was murdered he died a man an not a coward. A coward die a thousand deaths. A man die once.

  • free

    yall think the worst thing the CDC got in there is the flu virus?

  • Holler If Ya Hear Me

    Sad to say but his body may not be found. This is the CDC we are talking about. His body is probably decomposed in some type of toxic compound and made into wheel grease just like they did Nat Turner.

  • Kemi

    I don’t feel positive with his disappearance ending well. His disappearance is more than meets the eye! Only God and devil know what happened to this man! Must be a nightmare for his parents.

  • SpillyNillie

    Hellz no

  • Karen Brady

    Anyone know where in Cobb this brother lives?

  • Karen Brady

    I. can't. Wheel grease? I have to read up on this.

  • You Could Never

    I feel sad for his family and him. God bless

  • Desiree Edwards

    I pray he didn't take his life or was murdered!

  • Holler If Ya Hear Me

    Yup- wheel grease

  • SDot

    sheesh this is odd and sad

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    He lived in the Bolton area of Atlanta.
    That's Fulton County though, not Cobb.

  • HTOWNPuffinBlockGameSoStrong

    ??Holla! Holla!!

  • Applebum

    He revealed too much. They killed him. The risk takers are the real heroes.

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy


  • Yardgirl

    Me too

  • zero options

    I hope this has a happy ending.

  • Quitedeliteful

    This is what I'm thinking...

  • Quitedeliteful

    This is not looking good... no one leaves their phone, ID and money behind...

  • Renee26

    I hope he's alive
    I too left my job after being denied a promotion... Left if for a better job. Black folks are resilient... I hope he didn't harm himself feeling defeated

  • luVn_liFe…

    yardi!! hey boo. i hope your well. XOXOX0

  • Patricia

    i dont trust the government!

  • Yardgirl

    Luvie!!!??? I am good beautiful and I hope the same for you.

  • datjerk

    Just 15k?!

  • samuel severino

    Hell no. The CDC has a ton of bio weapons and viruses that the major public has no idea about. They also have about 5 levels of underground facilities directly underneath that is heavily guarded that the mainstream public is unaware of.

  • dontgetblocked

    I don't know what to think. He was a black doctor who wasn't promoted. I hope he wasn't playing detective up in there! He could have easily moved on to the next job. UNLESS...He got angry and started talking. The fact that he left work after not getting the promotion is not a good look. Be professional and keep your head up. Walk in a month or two later with your resignation. Don't take it personal...keep it moving! I hope he got over it and is found safe.

  • joel adams

    He just angry. He somewhere posted up gettin high af taking some mental health days. He'll be back in a few days tryna act like he ain't know people were worried. Drs get high too y'all.

  • Look@m3

    Right I would think his car was still at home that he Made it home so Im not sure why they were searching 2 miles out from the CDC. This case is super fishy!

  • Look@m3

    I was wondering about that...When they said Bolton that really threw me off...

  • Ms..N

    Someone need to call Mulder and Scully to investigate!!!

  • the guest

    Science/Research are historically racist fields, more so than others. Not surprising he was not promoted.

    He was hurt because he thought his hard work would override racism. It's not unlikely the company or a colleague hurt him.

    In the last few years a female asian researcher was murdered and buried behind a lab wall and a female indian scientist was murdered and dumped in a vat of boiling chemicals.

    It's a highly competitive field and not friendly to people of color.

  • the guest

    Like what happened to those asian and indian women scientists in the last few years. One buried in a lab wall the other dumped in boiling vat of chemicals.

  • WiseGui

    There are countless doctors and scientists that have worked are working or have found cures to certain diseases. These doctors usually end up dead and or missing as Big Pharma (pharmaceutical companies) will be taking a hit in their profits. If certain sicknesses can be cured or treated without the need for pharmaceuticals then these major for companies serve no purpose. They make billions in profits and will not risk losing out on profits. A sickly and weak population keeps them going.

  • AndSo

    How do you know that he even deserved a promotion? Maybe he wasn't the better candidate regardless of his race? At this stage, all we know is that he thinks that he deserved the promotion. Not that he actually deserved it.

  • Lady_Elle

    Ummmm he left his wallet and cards.
    Something deeper here.

  • Lady_Elle

    He deserved the promotion. This man was highly decorated... with a Harvard Degree.

    Harvard University-educated epidemiologist. He holds a master's degree and a doctor of science degree from the university's school of public health, and is a Morehouse College alumnus.

    When you are going for a promotion... you work your azz off on top of what you already do.

    He could be Batsh*t crazy though...

  • AndSo

    All I'm saying is that we do not know who the competition was. For all we know it could have been an Asian person with TWO Harvard Degrees and an undergrad degree from Yale who performed better. Who knows! We cannot just assume that it was race based. There is zero evidence for that.

  • fRAktal Reality

    That may explain why the word "cure" was patented. The late Dr Sebi learned the hard way when he asserted in his marketing ads that his herbal-forumulated products cured diseases that were deemed incurable.

    The untimely deaths of many members of the scientific and medical community is startling, but not coincidental.

  • fRAktal Reality

    Why did your post make me think of the Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil movie series?

  • fRAktal Reality

    "I guess being black in itself is a crime, right?" <---Yes. There is a financial and criminal penalty for those born with a non-recessive Black gene code.

    It stands to reason that racial bigotry didn't originate within the mindset of autochthonous ethnic groups who are collectively the Black/AfRAkan/Negroid race and isn't rooted in any global, historical criminal offenses or atrocities committed by these same indigenous origins against straight-hared recessive-coded Asian derivatives.

    What really matters is cellular DNA. It's where ALL thoughts--good or bad--is initiated. This is the true source of all problems and solutions on this planet.

  • Lady_Elle

    I never said he deserved it based on color....
    I just said he deserved it. Even if he didn't get it.

    BTW... he had 2 Harvard degrees.

  • AndSo

    And my point is that we have absolutely no idea if he deserved it or not. Degrees or no degrees. If your work ain't up to it, then you usually aren't promoted. Still, we don't know.

    And to your point abt him possibly being batsh*t crazy. Well, it isn't looking so good for him in that department. Either we have foul play or he right out lost it.

  • Karen Brady

    Oh okay, thank you.

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    Prayers for his family. Hope he resurfaces safely.

  • PynkCloudz

    Suicided is what they do to the geniuses that don't follow the agenda.

  • robert mckeague

    https:// https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/334cdca316d1ee67e394606d14f327aebcbd6bd343d8bad719d15f28ea1f29ba.jpg /images/c2f9be66fa9fe6d3f76311172ebd2b8922c03b50659a34e1604f93546914fe6c.jpg

  • free

    right...they keep talking about the flu. if they killed him, it ain't cause of the flu.

  • Allihave2say

    This mark of black excellence more likely dead already for knowing too much about a secret or he's locked away in an underground prison ran by automated voices and machines that provide for him (saw this in a movie been waiting to use it!)

  • Allihave2say

    "He was hurt because he thought his hard work would override racism" I know this to be true first but never but the words together to describe my experience.

  • Dr.Rue

    Hopefully they can find him. Sad stuff.