Jazzy Rowe Brianna Brochu

Jazzy Rowe Brianna Brochu

A former Hartford, Connecticut college student who terrorized her black roommate for months has been allowed into a probation program that will erase all evidence of her racist crimes.

Brianna Brochu, a former freshman at the University of Hartford, bragged on Instagram that she was “finally getting rid of” her roommate, Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe.

In prior posts, the 18-year-old bragged that she terrorized her roommate by rubbing used tampons on Rowe’s backpack, spitting in her coconut oil, pouring moldy clam dip in her lotion and inserting Rowe’s toothbrush inside her rectum.

According to the Boston Globe, a state judge on Monday granted Brochu’s request for “accelerated rehabilitation”. That means her misdemeanor criminal mischief and breach of peace charges will be erased if she successfully completes two years of probation and 200 hours of community service.

Social media users expressed outrage on Monday when the news was announced.

“That WHITE PRIVILEGE is REAL,” wrote blogger Tattle Tailzz on Instagram.com on Tuesday.

“[T]hey wanted to make sure she didn’t have a record that would “ruin” her life lol must be nice to have an option”.