DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann is fighting to keep his certification a year after he was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover cop in Piedmont Park. Sheriff Mann and his attorney, Noah Pines, attended a Peace Officer Standards and Training Council appeals hearing in February.

The POST Council voted to revoke Mann‘s law enforcement certification last September following his late night arrest in the park.

After February’s meeting, the POST Council denied Mann’s appeals to keep his certification. Mann needs the certification to remain in office as Sheriff.

The Sheriff was arrested last May after he exposed himself to an undercover Atlanta Police officer. He ran a quarter mile before the officer caught up to him and cuffed him.

In a normal world, Sheriff Mann would have lost his job following his arrest. But in this post-Obama era, people are afraid to condemn a public official for soliciting sex in a public park.

Adhering to Atlanta’s Politically correct code, the POST Council made it clear that they revoked his certification for running from an officer — not for exposing his junk to that officer.

In Atlanta the message is clear: you can break the law as long as you’re gay — just don’t run from the cops after you do something unlawful.

Rather than terminate him, DeKalb County lawmakers gave Mann the option of suspending himself — which he did.

He was also banned for life from Piedmont Park — but there are other parks in the city where he can still go at night.

Brave Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Nicole Carr stops Mann for a comment every time she sees him in public.

Thursday was no different. She approached the Sherif after he held a press conference to announce he was shuttling 300 inmates to another prison while the jail undergoes mold cleaning.

“On another note, yes I pulled Sheriff Mann aside to address the elephant that’s often in the room with us.” Carr tweeted. “Confirmed POST has denied his certification appeals rooted in last year’s Piedmont Park arrest, guilty plea for running from APD.”

Carr will air her on-the-spot interview with Sheriff Mann tonight on WSB-TV Channel 2 in Atlanta.