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Cardi B

We should all exercise daily whether we are pregnant or not. Doctors say exercising is good for both the pregnant woman and baby. Pictured above is rapper Cardi B "twerking" while performing onstage during day 3 of Coachella music festival in Indio, CA. Cardi is reportedly 8 months pregnant.

Doctors say dancing is excellent cardio exercise for expectant mother and fetus. Dancing involves multiple muscle groups, increases glucose to the muscles, and gets the blood flowing so the fetus receives more oxygen and nutrition (that is, if the mother is on a healthy diet and is drug-free).

One of the more trendy exercises for pregnant women that was all the rage a few years ago was Zumba, a dance-based routine that allowed for adjustments for pregnant women.

Before you do any exercise routine you should always consult your doctor or nurse practitioner -- especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy (over age 32; gestational diabetes, etc.). Dancing or any cardio exercise is considered dangerous in high-risk pregnancies. Your doctor may suggest a low-energy exercise such as walking; low altitude hiking; low-impact aerobic classes; swimming; step aerobics, etc.

The following are tips from for pregnant women who are considering exercising after consulting with your doctor or health practitioner.

The important things to remember are to pace yourself (don't overexert yourself); and watch your breathing (stop if you are out of breath while exercising)

exercising while pregnant

Do drink plenty of water before, during, and after you exercise, and wear comfortable, breathable clothes. The music and moves in Zumba class might be sizzling, but overheating isn’t good for you or your baby during pregnancy.

Don’t dance so vigorously that you can’t sing along to the music. If you’re breathing so heavily in Zumba class that you can hardly harmonize or are unable to even chat with a classmate, you’re working too hard -- and depriving the baby of oxygen. Slow down and reduce the intensity of those dance moves.

Do go low-impact, especially as your pregnancy progresses. Keeping one foot on the floor at all times (marching instead of jumping, stepping instead of leaping) is easier on your newly bulky body. Cutting back on arm movements will also help you keep your heart rate lower -- and keep you from overexerting yourself.

Don’t forget that pregnancy affects your balance (that big belly again) and your joints (you can thank pregnancy hormones for relaxing your ligaments). So quick transitions, twists, and turns can be tricky. Take care with these types of moves and modify them if you need to.

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  • tintin

    she looks really good pregnant

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    Get it Cardi ?

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    Just because you CAN...doesn't mean you SHOULD but then again, I'm a prude.

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    Cardio Cardi! Gone head?

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    That is not exercise.just admit it looked stank

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    I said the same thing. She's having a fit pregnancy. All belly.


    I'm not a fan of her performance but i really don't care. I think this performance doesn't effects the baby..

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    I can really appreciate this medical moment. It's good for women to stay active even during pregnancy. She can have her down time for them 6 weeks after she have the baby lol

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    I feel like if Queen B sat her azz down when she was pregnant looks like she should have followed the same advice

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    iono care either way, but what's the difference between twerking and sexing.

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    I didn't know over 32 was considered high risk. Yikes

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    I'm just glad she didn't tip over while twerking

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    Don't let that discourage you. Just go for it!

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    I'm already in it ?

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    MY IG mentions were in shambles over this performances.
    They asked our thoughts, I said I don't do pregnant porn and ...

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    Congrats! It ain't never to late to bust that thang open :)

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    The only thing I can say so far is I like the way she is dressing pregnant. She is young but it is still cute and not hoetastic.

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    Issa hard "No" for me, dawg.

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    I wish Cardi hadn't have danced. I didn't enjoy that. I just wanted her to walk and make faces...maybe a few hand gestures for emphasis. That twerk and pelvis thrust...was hmmmm a no please don't no for me.

  • the guest

    The worst possible thing to be when pregnant is stationary and inactive. At very least walk 1/4 mile everyday. I walked during and after both pregnancies. The best exercise was walking 2 miles each morning with my baby in the Deuter. Better than a gym to lose baby weight.

  • FukkFolks2018

    Pregnant twerking as exercise is not even remotely new.

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  • MyaCompton

    I see more 20year olds having high risk pregnancies and miscarriages then 30yr olds....I dont believe everything doctors say!! They’re not God...these are the same doctors that prescribed so called safe drugs for every mental health issue in the book that usually leads to more issues and addictions..and DEATH!! .scientists believe in what they think they feel is accurate with human anatomy...and all women and pregnancies are different!! Your health is the main concern! Age is second!

  • @JuanHustle

    Pregnant twerking is nothing new. But in today's age, folks will find the most minute thing in other person or thing to vent negatively about.

  • Coy little wink

    women been shaking their moneymaker since the dawn of time...its not rocket science

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    I was actually trying to hear her personal experience with twerking while pregnant but thank you for your response. Is twerking something you toyed with while pregnant?

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    Lol...not me personally while pregnant but for sure leading up to it ?

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    That exercise instructor in the pic above is seriously in shape!!!

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    This is a very informative medical minute. My neighbor didn't move a muscle while pregnant -- and always had a craving for honey buns. She went from a size 8 to a size 28 and never lost the weight!!!

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    This is very sad. 8 to 28. I know she feels the difference.

  • Queen B

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    It was very pregnant bitch (literally female dog) still in heat. I could deal with the stand up twerking, but when she got down on all fours, and was humping, it was too feral for my taste. It was just not a good look, I DON'T CARE WHO tries to make it right. If I were that baby, as soon as the doctor slaps my ass, I'm slapping her. Shid! Don't any young women want to be doctors anymore? Teachers? Nurses? Lawd!!!!!

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    you're so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was called "rocking the baby" during bracks and hicks when i was pregnant. you would get into position and twerk (except you didn't know you were twerking lol)

  • Kemi

    Very informative for expectant women. I hope Cardi delivers a healthy baby with no complications to mom or child.

  • Marie L.

    How did eating honey buns cause her to grow to the size of a water buffalo in 9mos??...I fail to believe that....

  • angrysolo

    shA! i must be your neighbor then, however i was high risk and on bed rest for the last few weeks.. felt like an episode of my 600lb life yelling to my dawta to get me FOOD

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    yes! they wouldn’t be able to cut the umbilical cord... it’d be wrapped round ha neck!

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    and stank just to be stank. not even coordinated stank, oof

  • iWasteTime

    I want to make sure I have this right.
    Twerking and popping while pregnant is ok
    Twerking and popping as a mother is not ok
    I'm asking for clarity cause I've seen this blog eat twerking and popping mommas ALIVE!

  • FukkFolks2018

    Twerking and popping while pregnant is ok
    Twerking and popping as a mother is not ok

    I think its all okay. Live and let live. Ciara in the snow twerking while pregnant is cute and goes viral. Yet this is just ratchet and bad taste and how dare a girl who was just on a pole 2 years ago twerk to her own raunchy music while pregnant just makes zero sense to me. Like I said yesterday... what kind of dance moves should she be doing? She a stripper by profession who has made a choice to work/perform through her pregnancy so what was the expectation?...Im so lost.

  • FukkFolks2018

    Gestational diabetes.

  • Quitedeliteful

    You had a reason to be on bed rest. This woman thought she was supposed to lay around eating bon-bons all day. She's paying for it now, tho...

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    Whelp... A water buffalo looks skinny next to her at this point...

  • Quitedeliteful

    She was really cute and had the flyest clothes -- now she can't fit into anything and is miserable...

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    Both are classless & trashy, especially if you have children.

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    Ur story is quite delightful!!! ?

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    That performance was a mess

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    well i worked out through all 3 of my pregnancies and I think it helps made the birth go much easier ( I guess, shit still hurt,lol) it is what it is....congrats Cardi!!!

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    There goes the real Sandra lol

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    Girlfriend is pretty but one baby later and she is biiiiiig!!!!!!!

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    Twerking; smell my booty.? lol ... smell my booty dance ?????

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    Sex. That's all you need. Walk as much as possible and have sex...both my babies were easy...4 hour labor and delivery for both, the first one damn near dropped out on its on and the second one I went into labor with just a few short hours after sex...women been having babies since the beginning of time...all that other stuff is just extra...

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    I don't care how good it is. IT DON'T LOOK GOOD! ?

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    I didn't enjoy Cardi's performance at Coachella. She looked like SHE was having fun but her dancing was a no for me as a pregnant woman.

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    She's really TRASH!

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    Seems as though Offset should have told her to chill with all that ratchetness until after the baby.

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    LOL I had my only child at 40. It was a wonderful experience.

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