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Michael N. Miller, Esq., the hard-working Atlanta attorney who represents 2 of your favorite blogs, was named to a Municipal Court of Atlanta task force this week. Michael is pictured with Michelle Brown of

According to the, Chief Judge Portis of the Municipal Court of Atlanta announced the formation of a new improvement task force to develop a comprehensive Report and Recommendation for the Court after the city was hit by a malicious cyber-attack in March.

The Task Force consists of some of Atlanta's top legal experts, a representative from the Mayor’s Office, court operations professionals, and the business community.

The hacker crippled the Municipal Court that handles cases such as traffic citations, expired tags, DUIs, city code violations and minor criminal offenses.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Atlanta's acting COO stand by their decision not to pay the hackers $51,000 to release the computer files and court case records. The city has paid over $2 million to clean up the mess.

"It is the most interesting beginning of any job I’ve ever had in my life, said acting COO Richard Cox about the malware attack that occurred on his third day at work.

“It was a monumental, and still is a big task for us to get out of this,” Cox told WABE.

Among the city services impacted by the ongoing cyber-attack is Atlanta's traffic court, which is still closed after 2 months.

Your auntie has been to traffic court twice -- in April and again this week to resolve the same ticket issued for a minor traffic offense. I was told to go away because the computers are still down.

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