toy figurine

A bank customer in Raleigh, N.C. took offense to what she described as a “racist” figurine with a “noose” around its neck on a credit union employee’s desk.

Stacey Smith wrote a Facebook post on Tuesday detailing her encounter with the bank employee who didn’t appreciate how upset she was over the toy.

The figurine depicts one of Michonne’s “pet” walkers from the zombie-themed television show “The Walking Dead”.

Michonne, a popular black female character on the show, often travels with walkers — zombies with no arms or lower jaws who mask her scent so she can avoid detection by other zombies.

The “walkers” have chains — not nooses — around their necks.

Similar figurines are sold on for $4.99 each.

Smith, who is black, wrote that the employee told her he collects the figurines.

When she told him the tiny doll was “very offensive,” the employee innocently asked her in what way.

“Right then I walked out of his office and went straight to the receptionist and asked for his boss!,” she wrote.

The figurines are only 2.5 inches tall — which means the customer has eyes as sharp as an eagle to spot the doll sitting on a desk.

Other Facebook users sided with Smith over the minor incident.

“Let me get this straight, he really did not think there was anything wrong with publicly displaying that?!?” wrote one user, adding the hashtag #specialkindofstupid.

Another Facebook user wrote: “I’m just saying there are better ways to show your love for The Walking Dead. He has shown poor judgement and I would not feel very comfortable with him overlooking my finances.”

But one commenter was sympathetic to the bank employee.

“By the looks of the comments on the Facebook page, and some on here, ppl just looking to be offended by anything.”

The credit union issued a statement in response to the customer’s complaint, according to ABC11.

“Yesterday, the actions of one of our employees fell far short of our expectations and we took immediate steps to address this personnel matter,” the statement read in part.

The statement didn’t say whether the employee was terminated or if the bank offered compensation to the customer.