Donald Trump Kanye West

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings more than doubled among black men after Kanye West publicly proclaimed his support for the president last week.

According to a new Reuters poll taken on April 29, Trump’s approval ratings soared among black men at 22%.

The poll also shows that among black men who said they had “mixed feelings” about President Trump, the approval ratings increased from 1.5% to 7.1%.

Kanye sparked outrage after he said he loved Trump and urged black people to leave the Democratic plantation. Fellow rappers criticized him and thousands of fans unfollowed him on

More bitter feelings erupted after Chicago native Chance The Rapper seemed to support Kanye. But after Trump thanked Kanye and Chance for their “great service to the Black Community”, Chance made it clear that his support of Kanye was by no means a show of support for the president.

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