Actress Gabrielle Union posed with “bad a** mothers” during a meet and greet sponsored by the NY & Company and Breaking In Pictures at the Manhattan Mall on Tuesday in New York City.

The meet and greet was part of “a bad ass mothers” social media campaign launched on to promote her new movie, Breaking In.

The ladies were treated to goodie bags, autographed books, and a makeup makeover.

“A mother’s love is selfless, eternal and unflinching,” Gabrielle says in a video for the campaign. “A mother’s love has no limits. She’s provider, a protector. Mothers don’t run — they fight.

“My new moving Breaking In is about a bada** mother. How is your mother a bada**? Share your story with the hashtag, MamasBreakingIn.”

In the movie, Gabby plays Shaun, an angry feminist single mother who fights to protect her 2 children during a home invasion.

Do you plan to see Breaking In when it opens in theaters on Friday?

The trailer looks boring and implausible. The audience is supposed to believe this single mom has the strength to fight off a group of trained ex-military soldiers.

There’s one scene where Shaun throws a chair at a pane of glass — right where her children are sitting. Thankfully the glass was impact resistant.

Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images