Beyonce and JAY-Z in bed

Beyonce is back to her old antics again. The Internet is buzzing about a provocative image that the 37-year-old mother of three posted on social media for all of her fans to see — young and old.

In the photo, Beyonce and her husband JAY-Z relax in bed together — he’s smoking a Cuban cigar while she’s pretending to read a newspaper.

We know the photo is staged because Beyonce’s wig is perched perfectly on her head — not askew as it would be if she’d just awakened after an all night romp in the sack.

Also, her hips are noticeably twisted in an unnatural position. She probably contorted her body to give her followers a better view of her artificially enhanced buttocks.

The whole picture smacks of desperation which is so beneath a star of her status.

We know why she’s doing this. Her sponsors are worried that they will not recoup tens of millions of dollars they spent on her and JAY-Z’s tour.

Ticket sales so far have been lukewarm in Europe. The couple kicked off their tour in Cardiff, Wales on Wednesday.

Will y’all please buy tickets to Beyonce and JAY-Z’s world tour so she can stop embarrassing herself like this? is a family-oriented blog, and as such, we don’t post smut. Click here to see the full image.

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