Pop singer Beyonce was left stranded 20 feet above the crowd after a flying stage malfunctioned during her and husband JAY-Z‘s concert in Poland on Saturday.

The 36-year-old mother-of-3 was stranded atop a small flying stage while her husband was on the main stage during their On the Run II Tour show at the PGE Narodowy stadium in Warsaw, according to WENN.com.

Multiple concertgoers recorded videos of the timid singer attempting to climb down a ladder while JAY-Z urged the crowd to encourage his fearful wife by chanting her name.

Beyonce swung her black thigh high boot over the top of the ladder, but then she froze and backed away from the ladder.

Maybe she knew that any video of her falling down that ladder would be a cataclysmic Internet event. Or maybe she thought about her husband raising her 3 beautiful children with 3 equally beautiful and voluptuous “nannies” while she was confined to a wheelchair.

It took the combined efforts of 3 stagehands to convince Beyonce to clamber down that ladder. She finally made it down — much to the relief of the concertgoers who paid a month’s salary for their tickets.

It should be noted that JAY-Z did not lift a finger to help his wife down the ladder.