Willie Wilson

A Chicago mayoral candidate handed out over $200,000 in cash to the congregation of a church where the governor spoke on Sunday.

Candidate Willie Wilson, who is in the running for Rahm Emanuel’s job, gave away over $200,000 to church members — an action that infuriated Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

Emanuel, 58, served two terms as mayor and is in the running for a 3rd term. Chicago is the only major city that does not set term limits on mayors.

Gov. Rauner says he was unaware that Wilson would be giving out cash at the church, since giving out cash while glad-handing parishioners is forbidden if you’re a candidate for office.

“I think the idea of handing out cash if you’re a candidate for office is outrageous. It should not happen,” said Rauner, who added that he was “pretty upset.”

via VladTV — The Illinois State Board of Elections noted that Willie Wilson did not break campaign finance laws in any way because the money he distributed comes from his non-profit organization. This isn’t the first time Willie Wilson gave out funds like this, as he done this in the past, and received $200,000 from Bruce Rauner to help people who may lose their homes because they can’t pay taxes.