Willie Wilson

A Chicago mayoral candidate handed out over $200,000 in cash to the congregation of a church where the governor spoke on Sunday.

Candidate Willie Wilson, who is in the running for Rahm Emanuel's job, gave away over $200,000 to church members -- an action that infuriated Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

Emanuel, 58, served two terms as mayor and is in the running for a 3rd term. Chicago is the only major city that does not set term limits on mayors.

Gov. Rauner says he was unaware that Wilson would be giving out cash at the church, since giving out cash while glad-handing parishioners is forbidden if you’re a candidate for office.

“I think the idea of handing out cash if you’re a candidate for office is outrageous. It should not happen," said Rauner, who added that he was "pretty upset."

via VladTV -- The Illinois State Board of Elections noted that Willie Wilson did not break campaign finance laws in any way because the money he distributed comes from his non-profit organization. This isn’t the first time Willie Wilson gave out funds like this, as he done this in the past, and received $200,000 from Bruce Rauner to help people who may lose their homes because they can’t pay taxes.

  • KLove

    Bruuuuuh....i know this was techically "legal"....but anyone with half a brain can see that this was a vote buying scheme LOL

  • Being bad is way more fun

    I havent been to church in a while .. I am so sad I missed this service lol

  • Trace da Ace

    guess this was his idea of making sure he gets the vote....

  • Rayne

    I’m just sick of this city and don’t know where to start to look to move outta here. This MOFO CITY PUT THE C IN CORRUPTION!!

  • Coy little wink

    Does church make it ok ?

    Maybe he was helping the needy ?

  • RaginB

    Lol he tryna buy the vote.

  • TheOwley

    Corrupt Chicago staying corrupt.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Bribe the voter ?.. aye yo ????... can your appreciation be bought? Throw your integrity away if someone hands ya money ??... Ask yaself that ? The fawk going on round here ... Chile let me finish watching Shaka Zulu I ain't got time ...Snakes all in the got damn mist .... Folks can miss me out here... Can you be sold or bought .... Slave mentality FOH!

  • Pitty Patty

    The ONE got damn Sunday I'm outta town. FML

  • Pitty Patty

    I would take his money and still vote for whoever is best fit for the job.

    One thing for sure Rham's time is up.

  • Miss3rdWard

    Come to Houston, hell, everybody else is already here, lol

  • Prettybootnikki

    No. Too many folks here. Lol. Look at me hating.
    Traffic is already bad enough hey 3rd ward ???

  • cherrypie

    I'm sorry but from that pic alone he looks shiesty as hell. I'm good. I don't play around with the church

  • Applebootay

    Damn! I knew my heathen azz should've went to church on Sunday! Where the next giveaway?

  • Applebootay

    I moved away for 10 years when I got married and DC is even more corrupt....ALL major cities have corruption at some level

  • Trey

    Reminds me of the recent Purge movie

  • Applebootay


    The Illinois State Board of Elections said Wilson didn't break any campaign finance laws because the money came from his non-profit foundation.

    CHICAGO — Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson says he wasn't trying to buy anyone's vote when he handed out close to $200,000 to churchgoers.

    The millionaire businessman said Sunday's appearance at the New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church was nothing more than "one of the biggest property tax relief assistance" events of the year and the kind of thing he's done before.

    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, himself seeking reelection, joined Wilson at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church at the event.

    An aide to Wilson said the businessman gave away $300,000 to 2,000 people through the Dr. Willie Wilson Foundation, a 501(c)(3). Such organizations are tax-exempt, must not be organized for the benefit of private interests and are restricted in how much political activities they can conduct. Wilson says he organized the giveaway to assist homeowners who are struggling to pay their property tax bills.

    1 of 2 Re:#williewilson. Chi Bd. of Elections says they’re not even in the election cycle yet. Can’t even file petitions until Aug. 28. While people have announced candidacy, technically there are no candidates for mayor. There are no ballots. @WGNNews

    2 if 2 re: #williewilson. I asked bd if this had happened after Aug. 28 if it would be an issue, and they refused to comment. “we are monitoring the situation but we have not received complaints that concern a violation of the law.” @tahmanbradley @WGNNews

  • WhoKnew

    That's some jackleg "ish" right there. Yeah, that reeks of "buying votes". And I'll bet had he won he would be effing up immediately Russian style like Dump and nem stealing that money back from the coffers. I used "had" he won cuz he ain't finna bout to win.

  • Pitty Patty

    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, himself seeking reelection, joined Wilson at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church at the event.
    Welp he just lost my vote

  • tintin

    paying for votes i guess. that's some foul shat

  • justlooking

    Look Idgaf

    there is a white man on Pennsylvania ave

    that is sleeping with the enemy, a Manchurian candidate, committed treason, has no morals, a racist and folks worrying about a black man giving money away.

    Good for those that went to church that day. AMEN

  • Shawty

    He buying votes.

  • Rayne

    Well I gotta find me some kinda country. I’m really ready to go.? I wish I had a huge family ?

  • Rayne

    I will check on that. Thanks plus y’all got hot weather and that’s what I like ??

  • free

    most church-goers have to put up with candidate speeches during election time anyway. hell, if he gave me $20 for the aggravation of getting out at 1:30 instead of 1:00, i'd be cool.

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    YES, it really is. Born n raised in Houston but damn I hate the traffic.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    Are you sure you'd like the heat here? It's been in the 100's this week and we have high humidity. You can be fresh out the shower but as soon as you open the door to step outside, you already sweating and sticky. Living in Houston, your car absolutely has to have fully functioning AC or you will die (<-- figure of speech) just driving around the corner. And it seems to get hotter every year. I love my city but I'd love to move.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/58b1c42cd51b1b7cd52c59ceb198b8aa3b768c2181369de676e84b9638472c19.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8fb8ac2b83afdfcc294c179cd4b7bd77c86e043bb7c8ead76b7f38d87337657.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/47c0ed1fcde108615a2ff2b4f4e9368139388029308bafdd57d38d0c77f1522d.gif

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  • Sally Wright McLinn

    Wilkerson won't be mayor. No way. He can just barely talk properly. So black people who see him as a savior are wasting their time. But keep on taking his money!

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    WHY didn't he just write a check to the Cook County Tax Dept if he wanted to payoff back property taxes? Hello??? He's giving people $200, $100, etc. to pay their back taxes. Well, Willie, just write a check FROM THE FOUNDATION!

  • Rayne

    Ctfu! Yes I’m sure! One time I was visiting the Atlanta and it was 70 degrees. Folks had on coats ? my friend and I had on summer dresses and flats. They were cold. We were not. But yea I’m more prone to humidity and hot weather. I just love it.

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    The governor, Rauner, is not pleased with what he did. He supports Willie against Rahm.....aint gonna happen.

  • sherri2016

    Churches take so much of your money it’s about time they gave back

  • CocoBabe88

    Sounds like bribery to me.

  • Waya Hedia

    Stupid move. Bone stupid.

  • Logan Roberts

    What's big Willie email address ?

  • •…B??MA …•
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    Girl!!!!! Have you seen the YouTube of him with the subtitles????? I keep that shat just to have when I need a good laugh.lol!

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    Me and Mister Soon watch all the time and cry laughing!!!

  • leapyearpisces

    Mayonnaise dollas, and fukc on the creme brulee' takes's me out every single time!!!! LMAO!!!!!

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    Don’t you start!!! “Just try, me wanna”! ???

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    Ok....ok...imma be good. LMAO!!!!.DON'T YOU Start!!!!! (whispers: "Abhor city care") ????runs outta this thread....LOLOLOLOLOL.

    PS: That shat is youtube gold!!!!

  • leapyearpisces

    Jenny trust when I tell you, millionaire or not, that money would have been better well spent if he invested in a diction specialist. Mofo can't talk worth a damn!!!! LOL....I am not voting for no Mofo who can't even string one coherent simple sentence together!!! He talks like a slave, of a slave, of a slave....that tells me, millionaire or not, he is sloppy.

  • Miss3rdWard

    Nah, you're right, I should probably rescind that invitation, lol. Theres enough newbies here complaining about the heat and humidity. They're all gonna melt come August.

  • BingBangBoom

    Was this the Church of God in Christ?

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    Looks like he's introducing Sexual Chocolate. That was a hot mess too.

  • chris

    That's the kind of vote buying I could get down with. Better than Hillary and her hot sauce he bring out cash

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  • Prettybootnikki

    Exactly lol

  • Panther Charleston

    For real: politrickans typically just roll through, speak they slick, and leave the money with Pastor Skanks. Mr. Willie Deep Pockets at least gave it directly to the parishoners. Big ups to him for that. ?

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    Then you'd most certainly love Houston! Let's trade..

  • Keekz

    Well that is what politics is all about. It’s just exchanging power. At least a citizen that needed that coin was able to reap the benefit.

  • Keekz

    I concur. They better take that money and put it away, because Rahm Emanuel’s goal is to eradicate ALL the American Blacks from the city. Chicago’s political system is dangerous, cruddy, and cut-throat. Those parishioners earned that money, enjoy.

  • justlooking

    White folks been padding the hands of each other, I'm not saying it should be the normal. You'll never hear white middle america complaining about turd.

  • justlooking

    Most political systems in most cities big and small have some of the same issues. Most would b e surprised.

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    ? That does it me and Mr. are about to watch!!!! It truly is gold!!!

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    I am not messing with you and ole slack-jawed talking willie. NOT tonight!!!!! LMAO!!!!! LMAO!!!!

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    ???? Goodnight!!! ??