plane crash

A chilling video reveals the tense atmosphere inside a doomed charter plane that crashed just after takeoff near Pretoria, South Africa.

A passenger recorded the harrowing scene from a window inside the Convair CV-340 that crashed just after take off from Wonderboom Airport near Pretoria on July 10.

As flames shoot out from an engine, one passenger is heard saying, “It’s getting bad. This is getting very bad”.

The pilot cuts the engine and the plane begins to shake violently. “Why are we shaking like this?” a passenger says, according to

“They’ve got to cut the engine so we can reach the runway,” another passenger replies.

The video, obtained by the aviation website AIRLIVE, shows the plane struggling to turn and make it back to the runway before disaster strikes.

“Make sure you’re strapped in. Strap in,” someone yells in English.

The passengers are surprisingly calm considering the circumstances.

The video eventually goes black after the plane slams into the ground near Pretoria, the Capital of South Africa.

Miraculously all but 2 of the passengers survive, many with serious injuries. As passengers scramble to escape the wreckage, a man is heard yelling “everybody out!”

CAUTION: This video contains graphic footage that may be disturbing to some viewers. AVOID watching this video if you have a history of cardiac problems, high anxiety, or you are afraid of flying.