Bella Hadid and Drake

Bella Hadid says Drake is not crushing on her, despite the Canadian rapper devoting an entire song to her and dropping her father’s name on his track, “Sandra’s Rose”.

On the track “Finesse”, Drake raps: “You stay on my mind / You and your sister / Too hot to handle / Things will get cancelled / I would make time for you / Commitment / Going the distance / I’m new to all of this.”

He also dropped her father’s name on the track “Sandra’s Rose”: “My house is full of supermodels just like Mohamed Hadid.”

“Sandra’s Rose” is partially named for his mother, Sandi Graham, and well-known blogger, Sandra Rose.

Bella took to to deny rumors that Drake had sex with her.

In response to Paris Hilton‘s tweet: “who hasn’t he banged.”, Bella wrote: “Not me!!! That’s disrespectful. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE FRIENDS WITHOUT all the insinuation?”

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson‘s nephew, Austin Brown, voiced his displeasure at Drake for sampling his uncle’s song for his track “Don’t Matter to Me”.

“I mean, I’m not OK with it,” Brown told a paparazzo. “I mean, but Drake’s talented.”

He added:

“I just feel like, if he didn’t finish it, you shouldn’t use it. He’s an artist. Respect the artist. I just don’t feel like it’s OK to use someone’s vocals and change them. It’s music at the end of the day. It’s art. I’m not gonna say [it’s] taking advantage, [but] I wouldn’t do it.”

Austin is the son of Michael’s eldest sister Rebbie Jackson.
Photos by Sartirana / BACKGRID, Prince Williams/