A suspected serial killer is in police custody following an investigating into the mysterious deaths of 17 newborn babies inside a neonatal unit at one hospital.

A female healthcare worker was arrested following an investigation into 17 unexplained deaths of babies at Chester Hospital in Cheshire, England, according to published reports.

The unidentified worker is suspected of killing at least 8 of the 17 babies. The parents of the babies have been informed and are receiving emotional support.

“Whilst this is a significant step forward in our enquiries, it is important to remember that the investigation is very much active and ongoing at this stage,” said Detective Inspector Paul Hughes. “There are no set timescales for this coming to a conclusion but we remain committed to carrying out a thorough investigation as soon as possible.”

Hughes added: “This is an extremely difficult time for all the families and it is important to remember that, at the heart of this, there are a number of bereaved families seeking answers as to what happened to their children.”

Though multiple killer nurses and doctors have been charged with murdering patients in America, Canada and Europe in the past, serial killers in the healthcare field are still relatively rare.

Stock photo by Getty Images