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Michelle Obama is among the celebrities and high-profile public figures who wear their natural hair over hair extensions. Mrs. Obama’s hair weave is always on point because she has access to a home salon and 24-hour stylists.

When wearing natural hair, aka leave out, over hair extensions it is important to blend your hair so the weave matches your hair texture. Your natural hair must be bone straight to match the weave.

Mrs. Obama doesn’t worry about sweating out her natural hair while dancing at Beyonce and JAY-Z concerts because she has a stylist on speed dial.

Below is an easy video tutorial by Lauryn’s GlamLife for women who don’t have Michelle Obama’s coins.

FYI: here’s a tip for those of you who have thinning hair due to hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which causes an overproduction of male androgens Testosterone and DHEA-S.

Troublesome symptoms of hormonal imbalance caused by hypothyroidism or PCOS include cystic acne and hair shedding/hair loss.

Most women who suffer from these troublesome symptoms drink Spearmint tea to treat their symptoms.

Studies have shown that Spearmint tea improves the hormonal symptoms of PCOS, which helps to clear up bothersome cystic acne and grow your hair fuller and longer.

It is important to treat the hypothyroidism or PCOS before drinking Spearmint tea or it won’t work.

You will notice a difference within days.

Any brand of Spearmint tea will work as long as it contains real spearmint leaves. If it doesn’t smell like a pack of Doublemint gum, it’s probably bootleg. You can buy Spearmint tea at any grocery store or health food store.