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Cardi B loves her Press On nails. She is rarely seen without her long acrylic nails in pink and bloody colors.

Doctors caution women about wearing long nails such as Cardi's because they can harbor potentially deadly bacteria.

Cardi responded to rapper Kash Doll who inquired how she changes her son's diapers with those long fingernails.

"Aye Bardi how the hell u change wav diaper with the nails? Lol i got on press ons struggling," she tweeted.

Cardi responded with a cute video tutorial using a teddy bear to show how she effortlessly changes Wave's diaper without scratching him.

"Okay girl sooo I just made a whole video," Cardi replied. "Trust me you will get the hang of it! However I do feel like boys are harder to clean, they got more crevices."

As Cardi demonstrated her technique, her 3-year-old daughter, Kulture, watched with amusement.

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Clitoris suction toys are all the rage on social media. Adult toys such as The Rose and The Penguin are on everyone's Christmas lists. But are they safe to use?

Clit suction toys gained popularity on TikTok during the pandemic lockdowns.

Suction toy makers claim their products guarantee orgasms in 30 seconds or less. That's about 90 seconds faster than most women achieve orgasms with a human partner.

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It's easy to see why women are giving themselves a hand with their favorite toys.

Are clit suction toys safe?

Clitoral suction toys work by removing airflow to create a vacuum and apply just the right amount of pressure around the clitoris.

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Because the toys provide stimulation and pressure around the clitoris -- rather than directly on the tip -- suction toys provide a different type of stimulation than the conventional vibrator.

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Yes, but are they safe?

"Clit pumps are absolutely safe to use," Michael Ingber, MD, tells Women's Health magazine. "Just be sure to use them according to the directions."

Dr. Ingber, a female pelvic medicine specialist in New Jersey, says, while accidents are extremely rare, they can happen. He suggests making sure you know where the release valve is to adjust the pressure. And apply K-Y jelly or a water-based lubricant to the rim to achieve a vacuum-tight seal.

Can clit suction toys cause permanent damage if you overuse it?

Dr. Ingber says there's risk of irritation to the vulva and blood vessel damage if you overdo it.

Experts also say women who use clitoral suction toys run the risk of becoming dependent on the toys and alienating themselves from their partners.

One TikTok user says she broke up with her boyfriend after using her suction toy one time.

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Always keep your toys clean

Cleaning your suction toys helps to prevent infection, especially if you use it with a partner. Hard plastic and silicone toys should be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water. Toys that are 100% silicone can be placed on the top rack in your dishwasher. Never boil your toys. Always read the instructions before use.

This has been your Medical Minute.

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Unclockable Dutch makeup artist NikkieTutorials does half of Adele's face in a new YouTube video.

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Adele, who has sold over 120 million records, agreed to sit for Nikkie's "Power of Makeup" session, which means one side of her face is beat while the other side is makeup free.

Nikkie, real name Nikkie de Jager, came out as male-to-female trans in a YouTube video after being "blackmailed" by someone on YouTube.

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Adele's rapid-fire Cockney accent makes it difficult to understand her (even for me - a natural born Brit).

Below are some of the things we learn about Adele:

1. She plays guitar and percussion

2. She doesn't watch 'Real Housewives' to preserve her brain cells

3. Watches educational television shows

4. She's a health guru who drinks a gallon of water a day

5. Dyes her own eyebrows because they're pale

6. Uses Instacart for grocery deliveries

7. Her son and new golden Labradoodle puppies keep her grounded

8. Says Oprah is "so normal" (I mean, it's f***ing Oprah!)

9. Is a big fan of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

10. Has no idea how to use Instagram Live

Check out Nikkie's Power of Makeup session with Adele below!

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It's spring and that means it's time to feed your Bermuda grass lawn to encourage green growth all summer long.

Bermuda grass is a warm season grass that grows in the southern region of the United States.

Bermuda grass is a nitrogen hog that sucks up 2 to 4 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet per growing season.

Be careful how you apply nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn. quick release nitrogen can burn your lawn!

Your auntie always sends a sample of soil to a lab for a complete soil analysis before I apply fertilizer to my Bermuda grass lawn.

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I use because it's easy and the soil analysis is available to view online in less than a week.

My soil analysis report shows that the PH and NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) levels are within normal range. But the soil is very low in all of the micronutrients (iron, zinc, copper, boron, magnesium, etc.).

I had the same problem last year, so I visited Ron Henry's YouTube channel to check out his video on applying micronutrient fertilizers.

Ron is a Bermuda grass expert who dedicates his YouTube channel to helping home owners grow golf course lawns.

Ron covers the basics, such as the equipment you'll need, the proper mixing ratio and application rate to ensure that you get the best results.

Use a 3 or 4 gallon hand pump sprayer if a battery operated sprayer is not within your budget.

Watch Ron's video below.

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If you are a Georgia homeowner, you probably have a Bermuda grass lawn. Bermuda grass is the preferred lawn turf in Georgia.

Bermuda grass is actually a type of weed. It is very hard to kill and once it establishes itself in a neighborhood, it tends to take over other types of turf lawns.

Ron Henry is a Bermuda grass expert who dedicates his YouTube channel to helping home owners transform their ugly lawns to a golf course lawn like his.

Ron's 11 sq. ft. lawn in North Georgia is the envy of the neighborhood! But you too can have a golf course lawn.

As Ron says, the secret is in the mowing. 80% of achieving a beautiful golf course lawn is using the right mower.

If you're a Bermuda grass lawn novice like me, you will appreciate Ron's tips on turning your ugly Bermudagrass lawn into a golf course lawn.

The comments are off in this post. Ron is happy to answer all your Bermuda grass questions on his YouTube channel.


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Hand sanitizers vanished from store shelves after the coronavirus hit America like a tidal wave in March. Many stores are having difficulty keeping the bottles in stock.

Hoarders and opportunists took advantage of the health crisis to earn big bucks by selling hand sanitizers online at absurd markups.

If you can't find any hand sanitizers in local stores, don't worry. Dr. Ian Smith will show you how to make your own hand sanitizer.

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Purchase empty pump bottles (plastic or glass) from Amazon or eBay and fill the bottles with your own hand sanitizer. Never buy hand sanitizer again!

And remember, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.