21 Savage and Amber Rose

Amber Rose opened up about her tendency to date men with borderline personality disorders. The former stripper — who is best known for dating Kanye West — made the revealing confession in an interview with Complex magazine’s Web series “Open Late With Peter Rosenberg“.

The 34-year-old mother-of-one noted that the men she dated all seemed to share the same anti-social tendencies. Her inability to maintain a stable relationship with a man led her to seek therapy to better herself.

“I had to go see a therapist, and she was just like, ‘You attract narcissistic sociopaths.’ And I’m not mentioning no names. But a few of them have been that,” she said.

She added:

“Like, nah, you’re not gonna control my every move, you’re not gonna tell me what I need to wear, you’re not gonna tell me where I need to go or who to be friends with. I don’t have time for that s–t.”

Amber, who has a 5-year-old son with rapper Wiz Khalifa, recently dated rappers 21 Savage (pictured above) and Machine Gun Kelly.

Amber also shared that her former lover Kanye West left her broke and practically homeless after they split up.

“I didn’t get money from that — I got fame. When I walked outside, it was like, ‘Oh, s–t, that’s Amber Rose,’ but I was broke as f–k. I didn’t have any money and I didn’t have a bed and I didn’t have furniture.”

Narcissistic personality disorder is more commonly diagnosed in men. Female narcissists don’t seek therapy because she believes she’s superior to the therapist. Psychology Today published a list of danger signs to watch out for if you are in a narcissistic relationship.
1. Narcissists compliment you excessively

“I love you, you’re so wonderful! I’ve never met someone as great as you are! You’re so much better than all the others. You’re the center of my life! No one has treated you as good as I will treat you.”
2. Narcissists make extremely negative, disparaging comments about others or their co-workers

“That person over there is a real loser. Let me tell you about him (or her). The people that rejected my great idea are some of the stupidest people I have ever met. They don’t know brilliance when it’s staring them in the face.”
3. They lack empathy or compassion for the suffering of others

“She cut herself and bled all over my new carpet! Now I need a new carpet. She is so inconsiderate. She’d better help me pay for a new one.”
4. See themselves as perpetual victims (Narcissistic Injury)

Very early on in your relationship, usually within the first few hours, the narcissist will tell you a sad story about his/her childhood or their mistreatment at work by their boss or co-workers. The narcissist tells you these sad stories to gain sympathy from you which they will use later on to exploit you.

“My mom/dad/grandparent was so mean to me when I was young. They beat/starved me, they were nicer to my siblings than to me. It’s so unfair what they did/said. I will show them! They’re punishing me for being better than they will ever be!”

Pay close attention to your responses and how you feel around him/her. Pay attention to your words, particularly these responses: “I’m sorry to hear that”, “I’m sorry that happened to you”, “That must have been a hard time for you.”
5. He/she is too good to be true

This person is so nice to you, you feel extremely loved and flattered. You may feel euphoric when you’re with him/her. He/she almost seems too good to be true. That’s a warning sign, because people who excessively flatter you are often not who they seem.
6. Gaslight you and make you feel inadequate

Some narcissists will build you up only to tear you down to shake your confidence in yourself and make you feel self doubt. They are like experienced hunters and you are their prey. They are experts at making you believe you can’t survive without them.
7. Love talking about themselves

The narcissist’s favorite subject is himself. He pretends to be interested in you, but he always steers the conversation back to himself.
8. Blame others for their problems

Narcissists tend to look for easy targets to blame for their problems. They avoid accepting responsibility for their bad behavior because it reminds them of their own inadequacy or lack of self worth.
9. Narcissists have short memories

Narcissists are quick to forget their bad behavior. If you remind them of their bad behavior, they will deny the incident ever happened. They will call you a liar and project their bad behavior onto you. “You’re so mean and hateful!, You’re so insensitive, You will never find someone who treats you better than I do!”

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