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Terrinee Gundy

Atlanta City Council president Felicia Moore says Atlanta Municipal Court Judge Terrinee Gundy, right, should repay the city for legal fees her attorney charged to defend her in an ongoing ethics investigation.

Channel 2's Richard Belcher reports that Atlanta taxpayers picked up the $600-an-hour legal tab for Gundy's attorney, Frank Strickland.

The city fired Strickland, who billed the city $25,000 to represent Gundy in a hearing before the Judicial Qualifications Committee.

Belcher says City Council members were unaware that Strickland was defending Gundy on the city's dime.

Channel 2 found out through the state open records law that City Attorney Nina Hickson fired Strickland just days after Channel 2 and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution discovered the unusual payments to Strickland.

Strickland's fees were approved by the outgoing city attorney who was hired by Mayor Kasim Reed.

City Council member Felicia Moore told Belcher that Gundy's attorney's fees was a "personal issue", and the city should be reimbursed for her attorney's fees.

Gundy is under investigation for showing up late to court and canceling court sessions so she could attend events such as a Super Bowl rally for the Atlanta Falcons.

So far, no charges have been filed against Judge Gundy.

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